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Lazy Gourmet: Good Food Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep

les amis lazy gourmet
I received an exclusive complimentary hamper from Lazy Gourmet right after my trip from Japan. Timing has never been better, as I was as lazy as ever.

I've always been a great fan of the Les Amis Group & I enjoy dining at Au Jardin, Les Amis & La Strada but Lazy Gourmet is my first. I normally prefer cooking from scratch & don't usually use ready-made soup, sauces etc. But Lazy Gourmet, created by the Head Chefs of the restaurants in the Les Amis group, seemed too good to be true & I just have to try it.
les amis lazy gourmet ready-made foodI was excited opening up the hamper. I found soups, pasta sauces & main courses, 3 of each nicely packed in boxes. I was feeling really lazy this morning, probably still suffering from "jet-lag". LOL! I took out the Country-style Mushroom Soup & read the instructions indicated at the back of the box. les amis lazy gourmet mushroom soupThe steps seemed simple. There were 3 methods to enjoy the sumptuous meal. I opted for the easiest: defrost the package in the microwave, transfer into bowl & heat. I found some Okra or ladyfingers in my fridge so I cut them up & added into the soup & heat together. Within minutes, I've got my yummy Country-style Mushroom Soup with Okra! The soup was flavourful & packed a punch. The okra went well with the soup & gave it an additional crunch. Mmmm...... love it! french restaurant les amis lazy gourmet singapore Fine dining has never been easier, Lazy Gourmet also accepts online orders so you can have your food delivered right to your home. I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of the items ......

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