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Fly The World's Largest Plane - A380!

Day 5 (An Experience on the Super Jumbo):

Singapore Airlines is the first airline in the world to fly the #A380: the world’s largest commercial aircraft designed to carry 471 passengers in exceptional style & comfort.

The airline operates the #superjumbo to London, Sydney & Tokyo & from 1 June 2009, SIA will fly the world’s largest passenger plane on its Singapore-Paris route. singapore airlines a380
Pix Credit: Singapore Airlines
The #SIA A380 heralds a new era in air travel, with its cabin offerings providing unprecedented comfort, space & luxury. The aircraft is the quietest large passenger aircraft ever built, & delivers substantial fuel burn reductions per seat kilometre over the next largest aircraft. This means it becomes a cleaner, greener alternative for long-haul travel, while allowing for the addition of extra capacity to congested airports, like London.

I was privileged to be travelling in the award-winning Business Class of the #A380 on Singapore Airlines, the most spacious the world has ever seen, on my return flight from Tokyo to Singapore. Flight time: 7hrs 10mins.

Upon boarding, I was impressed that SIA has created a double-decker entrance in at least two aero-bridges & I was already on the second level instead of having to climb the usual stairs up to #BusinessClass.

The Business class, located on the upper deck, consists of 60 seats. I like the unique 1-2-1 cabin layout with the unrivalled space between each seat as opposed to 2-2-2 on Qantas. As I’m a ‘window-seat’ traveller, this 1-2-1 feature allows me direct aisle access. I happily slumped into my luxurious 34” wide armchair & it was really nice seating all by myself, with no one beside me.
singapore airlines business class seatsOnce on board, coats were taken & a selection of juices & champagne, newspapers, magazines & menus were given out. I was glad I wasn't the only "tourist" on board. A Japanese man, sitting in the two-seater was seen busy snapping photos & I soon join the entourage.

While the plane was busy boarding passengers, I kept myself engaged by examining my seating area. Storage space was cleverly integrated into the seating space for water bottles etc. On the seat in front, I found a flip-down vanity mirror & more storage compartments for reading glasses etc. singapore airlines business class reviewA wide array of captivating entertainment options await me on an impressive 15.4" wide LCD screen just between the compartments. I understand that Qantas TV screen is only 12.1" with the screen popping out from the armrest. singapore airlines business class entertainmentThe plane pulled back punctually & I was airborne in no time. My requested glass of Fruit Spritzer was served soon after we reached cruising level. I made myself comfortable by stretching out on the foot rest area in front of me, which is part of the flat bed. singapore airlines business class a380 seatsSoon, a prelude of local Satay was served. A local delight of skewered slices of chicken or mutton that are grilled to perfection & served with a tantalizing peanut sauce. singapore airlines business class satayThe inflight cuisines are specially created by SIA's International Culinary Panel of celebrated Chefs from around the globe, complete with contemporary designer tableware from Givenchy. I was given a choice of the #WorldGourmetCuisine orsingapore airlines business class menuthe Japanese #Hanagoyomi, an exclusively designed Japanese set inspired by the nuances of the four seasons. singapore airlines business class hanagoyomiMost passengers around me seemed to pick the Hanagoyomi, which comprises an elaborated spread of nine appetisers & entrees elegantly presented & served in traditional #Japanese style. The array of gourmet enticed me beyond my imagination. singapore airlines business class tokyo sectorAfter meal service, I had the friendly crew showed me around. The steward added that viewing the Suites would only be possible after the plane has landed & First Class passengers disembarked. With this, he brought me to tour the Economy Class section. singapore airlines a380 economy classThe knowledgeable steward explained that SIA A380 cabin is configured with 399 #EconomyClass seats & went on to emphasised on all other features. Each seat comes with a larger 10.6” screen & a USB port to allow passengers to access the enhanced functionalities on #KrisWorld. An easily accessible new seatback-mounted headset, personal, non-intrusive reading light & in-seat power supply, are just some of the many intelligent touches designed with passengers in mind. Economy Class passengers are not left out either, on SIA’s quality service. Individual amenity kits comprising a toothbrush set & a pair of knitted socks will be presented on overnight flights exceeding four & a half hrs & day flights exceeding eight hrs.

We were back in the Business Class after our rounds. He invited me to the self-service Lounge, which is a great place to stretch your legs & also a place to pop-by for snacks, fruits & drinks. singapore airlines a380 economy galleyThe spacious restrooms carry a variety of amenities. Freshen up with custom-designed toiletries - eau de cologne, aftershave lotion, mouthwash & moisturising hand lotion. Each separate drawers contain razors & shaving cream, toothbrush sets, combs, air-sick bags & feminine hygiene items.... all at your dispense. singapore airlines a380 economy toiletAs seen here, the Japanese #stewardess was helping us to set up the bed, which she did by unfolding the leather back rest which stretched out to make a 76" fully-flat bed, with more room to stretch & enjoy a rejuvenating flight. The sheets, duvet & extra pillows were behind the seat all this time. singapore airlines flight attendant singapore airlines business class reclining seatsFeaturing 100 movies, including the latest blockbusters & 180 TV shows, Krisworld presents you with your very own cinema in the sky. For the music lovers, choose from an extensive library of 700 CDs & over 20 radio channels. I turned myself into a couch potato & slowly dozing off.

In no time, I landed at the Singapore Changi Airport. The steward remembered my request. As soon as the First Class passengers cleared, he brought me down a flight of stairs to the Suites.

The S’pore Airlines Suites sets a new standard in ultimate premium air travel by featuring a bold & unique concept where each Suite is the customer’s very own private cabin in the sky. singapore airlines a380 suitesUsing separate sleeping & sitting surfaces, the intelligent design of the full flat bed offers passengers the choice to rest in their preferred sleeping positions. It also allows them to sit & lounge in bed to read or catch movies on their personal 23” LCD screen. For couples travelling, the beds in the middle two seats can be converted to an optional double bed. singapore airlines a380 first class suitesEach Suite offers an exquisitely private space, a lavish armchair with adjustable headrest & armrests. The Singaporean Leading Stewardess demonstrated their special turn-down service with fine linen & full-sized pillows. Each cabin features sliding doors & window blinds, offering you the freedom to decide on the level of privacy you prefer. With only 12 extraordinary Suites, available to the most discerning passengers, the S'pore Airlines Suites is truly in a class beyond first. singapore airlines a380 suites reviewSingapore Airlines – You’re A Great Way To Fly!


  1. simply stunning and unbelievable. I've never even been to 1st class on a normal airline yet. Soon!

  2. Wow! Looking at those pictures makes me want to fly to Singapore just so I can fly on SIA to Paris! Talk about bringing class back to flying. Great pics!

  3. Chris, hope u get on board soon! Left a comment on your blog :)

    Heavenly Housewife, Yes.... I enjoyed every minute of it!

    Sugared Ellipses, thks for visiting! Left a comment on your blog too :)

  4. Fantastic! Wish I have a chance to be on board A380.... Suite. hee hee

    Very nice pictures and thanks for sharing your travelling experience

  5. nice report Shirley...did you used to fly for SQ?

  6. Agapejen, thks again & I'm sure u'll get ur chance on A380 very soon :)

    P.Chong, thks for dropping by & yes, I did fly for SQ yrs ago. But I'm not promoting A380 for them. LOL!

  7. wow!! I have never experience a real long haul business class flight except for about 3 hours of Business class flight on Malaysian Airlines(lucky to have got a free upgrade) and the self service lounge was definitely cool! I will save my money from my business and try to get on the Business class...that's so tempting..

    really thanx a lot for sharing!

  8. Of Travels, lucky u.... not easy to get an upgrade :) The biz class in A380 is awesome!

  9. i have never evan bin on a plane.
    if that was the first one that i would ever go on it would be a mearacle!!!!


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