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Why You Should Stay Off Counterfeits

The market for fake luxury goods is nothing new & knock-off Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches etc are some examples of just how sophisticated the industry has become.Consumers who believe that buying counterfeits is socially acceptable should consider whether they condone the use of their hard earned money to fund child labour, the international sex trade, human trafficking & other heinous illegal activity.

Children are exploited by working in factories producing fakes, or peddling the goods on the street & such situations have now been reported in Thailand, China, Brazil & even the UK. Gone are the mom & pop operations of yesterday where impoverished families constructed fakes in their garages. They’ve been replaced by triads, cartels & Mafiosi. So if you’ve bought a piece of imitation handbag, you’ve supported organised crime, tolerated child abuse & committed larceny. So think again, before you buy that fake bag.

The best thing about authentic designer handbags is that they are unique & a lot of man hours go into making each handbag exactly right. That’s why they cost you an arm & a leg.

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Quality matters, feel the hand bag. Legitimate bags will have soft leather or suede. Knock-offs tend to feel more like plastic; dye job of fabric is uneven & splotchy. Weight makes a difference too cause real leather is heavier.

Poor uneven stitching is a sure dead giveaway. The same number of stitches is used & each stitch is the same size!

Most designers affix signature logo plates to their bags. Those plates should be crisply printed, while fake plates may be blurry or slightly inaccurate.

Fake designer handbags may seem like a good deal, but the ethical & practical implications of such shoddy merchandise rapidly devalue even the best bargain. By knowing how to examine different features & details for quality, it’s possible to quickly spot a counterfeit bag & help maintain the integrity of your fashion sense.

But remember, fake handbags can also have genuine features, such as genuine looking monogram placement, dust bags, genuine tags, just about everything. You may even get a receipt!

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  1. Great post to distinguish fake bags from authentic ones.

    1. Balvinder, thks dear! Hope others will learn the difference before jumping into buying some fake goods.

  2. I've read numerous articles on the counterfeit industry and it is really sad...the child labor, what the funds go towards.

    1. Bess, exactly. That's the msg I'm trying to get across....

  3. Thanks for all your tips! I definitely agree with this cause!


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