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Recipe: Tarako Aglio Spaghetti

Tarako たらこ (cod roe) is usually made from Alaskan Pollock, although Tara (鱈) actually means cod in Japanese. I found some nice Tarako at a Japanese supermarket yesterday & decided to cook Tarako Aglio Spaghetti for dinner. I picked up a tray of crabmeat alongside & some really huge Shitake mushrooms to go with the pasta.

½ pkt of spaghetti
2 Tarako
7 pieces of fresh crabmeat
3 pieces of Shitake
4 cloves of garlic (sliced)
½ tsp of chilli peppercorn
1 tbs of mayonnaise
1 tbs of white wine
½ tsp of butter
3 tsp olive oil
2 tsp salt
Pepper to taste

Grilled Shitake
3 pieces of big Shitake
Cream sauce of your choice (Carbonara, Mushroom, Tomato etc)
3 tsp of grated Parmesan cheese
1 tsp butter

  1. Squeeze out the roe & dispose “skin”.
  2. Mix roe with mayonnaise.
  3. Rinse & slice the mushroom for pasta; shred the crabmeat & set aside.
  4. Rub butter all over mushrooms to prepare for grilling. Fill them with cream sauce & sprinkle cheese on top. Put to grill untill brown or for about 5mins.
  5. Follow the instructions behind the plastic wrapper of the pasta. Different types & brands of pastas require different cooking time. Put 1 tsp oil & 1 tsp salt into boiling water & add spaghetti. I like my pasta Al Dente but leave to cook a little longer if you prefer it softer. Remove & drain. Add butter & mix well.
  6. Heat 2 tsp olive oil in pan. Add garlic & fry till fragrant. Stir in chilli, mushroom.
  7. Add pasta, wine & salt, then crabmeat & tarako.
  8. Stir well & serve with your grilled Shitake.


  1. I just had Spaghetti cooked by my sister and it was nice. However, I think yours is even nicer. I'm passing this post to my sister and ask her to cook this. :)

  2. Great! U may like to follow my posts for more updates. Enjoy your meal!


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