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Sushi “Birthday Cake” Recipe

Instead of giving the usual cake for my son’s birthday celebration tonight, I've decided to go Japanese & make him a healthy sushi cake instead.

So I let my imagination go wild, adding lots of colours & combining Jonathan’s favourite sushi ingredients to satisfy both his sight & appetite. (I'm so happy that my Sushi "Birthday Cake" has emerged as one of the 5 top spots in a recent Foodies contest & has been featured as their Recipe of the Day as "amazingly innovative Sushi BirthDay Cake"!).

To make Sushi Rice:
1 cup Rice
1 cup water
Tezu: 1 tbsp of Mitsukan rice vinegar, ½ tsp of sugar & pinch of salt

Sushi Ingredients:
1 slice of Unagi (eel)
1 slice of smoked salmon
1 slice of omelette
1 slice of seaweed
1 piece of crabmeat (chopped & mixed with mayonnaise & spring onion)
2 tbsp of canned tuna
1 tbsp Ebiko (roe)


  1. Your first step is to prepare your vinegar-water solution by mixing all Tezu ingredients in a small sauce pan. Dissolve over medium heat but don’t allow mixture to boil. Leave to cool.
  2. Wash rice several times till water runs clear. Let your rice strain for 30 minutes & transfer the rice to cooker or steamer. Add the measured water to cook.
  3. Sprinkle vinegar mixture evenly over cooked rice while it’s hot & fold it with spatula. Do not stir as this will break the grains. Allow rice to cool.
  4. Spread bamboo mat on a flat surface & put a sheet of nori (seaweed) on top of it.
  5. Wet hands & place a small handful of sushi rice on top of seaweed & spread it out in a diagonal line. Add your favourite fillings & roll up the bamboo mat, pressing forward to shape the sushi. Remove the bamboo mat & cut evenly.
  6. As I’m making a letter ‘J’, I’ve repeated step 5 but this time, without nori, to mould into the bottom part of the alphabet.
  7. Joined the 2 sushi rolls to form full letter & add ingredients to decorate according to your liking. Don't worry if the shape doesn't look as nice. The ingredients will cover the flaws later.
  8. Transfer onto serving plate & sprinkle Furikake (dry Japanese condiment, usually sprinkled on rice). You may wanna transfer the alphabet before you form the letter if you're afraid to lose the shape.
  9. Add the candle etc & there you go - your very own Sushi Birthday Cake!
Oh, I've gotta get this blog posted soon. Jon will be back anytime from his school's activity for his surprise.......


  1. Wow! Beautiful, i;m sure Jon will be delighted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jon!

  2. Hey, thks! My son was pleased with his Sushi Cake.

  3. Thanks for recipe. I tried and it taste great... although the 'look' is not very nice. Will surely try again to improve on its appearance..ha. By the way, I think the last time I cooked something edible was 6 months again. You really motivated me to walk into the kitchen again! Thanks

  4. Wow, that's a good start! Thks for feedback. Do come back for more easy-to-follow recipes.

  5. Wow, this is awesome! My husband would love it.

  6. I assumed u'll be making it for him? Visited your blog. U've very interesting recipes too... Looking fwd to sharing!

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    1. Thks for visiting & leaving your lovely comments! Gonna chk u out soon!

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