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Luxury Indulgence: Hello Kitty Gadgets

I’ll stick by my “You’re only young once” statement & I wouldn't let anyone stand in my way, especially when it comes to my adorable Kitty-chan! Indeed, the Japanese pop-culture icon has built up an impressive resume over the years & has recently become the new envoy of Japan. I’m already a mother of a teenage son but I just simply can’t divorce Kitty. Even my dearest mum would sometimes comment, “When are u gonna grow up?”.

I’m ashamed to confess that I was one of those who joined the unbelievable long beeline outside McDonald's years ago just to queue for the Hello Kitty stuff toy collection. Others would then in turn sell them for a profit, but mine are still with me till this day, in their nice mint condition. It was crazy those days, young & old would form queues outside Mac just to get a chance to buy the fashion divas. I’d even found myself accomplices, my mum & hubby, to collaborate in this silly & ridiculous game. He has long relented to my obsession & probably learnt that he has gotta live with the Japanese “mistress”.

Through the years, I’ve graduated from Minnie Mouse to Tweety Bird & finally to my current Kitty craze. I’ve a good number of #HelloKitty collection, ranging from stationery, travel accessories to gadgets & many were from friends, who spotted Kitty from their travels & bought them as souvenirs for me. I’d love to display them here, especially for Kitty fans out there, but it’s just too plentiful. But please bear with me, I feel the need to exhibit a few of my favourite gadgets, plus a lovely pair of ear-rings (2007 birthday gift from my son) & make the ladies go ga-ga:

Hello Kitty Touch-screen Handphone
Model: 328 Metallic Red Limited Edition
hello kitty touch screen handphone
This is a very basic #HelloKittyMobilePhone, it's just a fun gadget. I've added some bling-blings at the sides myself. Whenever I take Kitty out, I'd be greeted with smiles & giggles. Waitresses, sales staff etc would go green with envy & asked, "Where did u get this from? Soooooo cute, I want, I want!!!"
hello kitty touch screen handphone review, shopping
Product Specs:
  • Product Release: Sept 2007
  • Dimension: 90 x 49 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Ringtones: 64-tone polyphonics, Support format: mp3, midi, wav, amr
  • Audio Playback: Support MP3 Background Play. Shaker Playback Control
  • Video Playback: Support 3GP, MP4 Support Full screen playback
  • Tilt Screen Control Camera: 1.3M Pixel
  • Video with Audio recording, White Balance, Exposure compensate, Max res 1280 x 1024 photos
  • Memory: 64MB internal, Support up to 512M MicroSD
  • Special Features: Side 16-LED for wave messaging, incoming call-alert & alarm setting

Hello Kitty Kenwood Portable MD player
I love this #HelloKittyKenwoodMDPlayer! It has that 9 flashing lights that blink according to the rhythm of music, with automatic flashing lights in 4 different effects. Sorry, I've misplaced the specs so I can only show you the photos.
hello kitty kenwood portable md player

Hello Kitty Che-ez! Foxz3 Digital Camera
The electronics company, NHJ, has taken Asia by storm in launching the #HelloKittyCheez Foxz3 digital camera in 2005. I love its cute & slim feature, you can easily slip it in your pocket but that's about all. I'm sad to say, the picture quality sucks.
hello itty che-ez foxz digital camera
  • Dimensions are 86 x 34 x 74mm
  • Weighs about 190g
  • You can take images of 2048X1536/ 1600X1200/800X600 pixels in 3 different modes: Fine, Normal & Economy
  • Large 2.0 inches TFT liquid crystal monitor
  • 9-thumbnail picture preview & smart file-protection function prevents pictures from being deleted accidentally
  • Records video in the MPEG-4 (ASF) format
  • Lens is a 35mm conversion, giving a 46mm F3 simple focus.

Hello Kitty Casio EX-Z80 Digital Camera
This is my latest toy - given to me on my last birthday. The price tag? A hefty ¥45,000! Over-priced for a Casio 8.1 Megapixel camera, I think. But who wouldn't forgive the manufacturer for such a lovely gadget?

This #HelloKittyCamera comes with a Hello Kitty themed case & startup screen. The 8.1 Megapixel camera has a 3x optical zoom, 2.6-inch LCD display & H.264 848×480 video recording.hello kitty casio ex-z80 digital camera review
hello kitty casio ex-z80 digital camera review

Hello Kitty Ear-rings
Yeh, it's kinda childish but it was a sweet gesture from my endearing son. I've only wore it once, on that birthday, to show my appreciation. Now, isn't this lovely?
hello kitty ear-rings accessories
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  1. Me too, i'm also crazy over Mac's kitty back then. Still remember myself getting up at 3 am, beating the chill to join the long queue outside Mac's restaurant just to get the 1st hand of the doll everytime a new pair is being introduced. Infact, i've 2 sets of each except for the Space costume (the one with the head covered in a "fish bowl", yes, the very 1st pair introduced back then) because i have given it to my eldest nephew to win the heart of his current's wife. Haha.... not forgetting to mention, i'm also one of the lucky winner of their limited edition Kitty in Mac's restaurant's uniform.....only one thousand pair in Singapore.

  2. Sanyo group has launch of its evolutionary new Xacti Dual Camera and Camcorder range.

  3. Wow! Looks like we've some Kitty fans here.


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