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“Luxury Haven” has won BEST BLOG in the Women’s Blogger Directory!

Yes, “Luxury Haven” has won BEST BLOG in the Women’s Blogger Directory! ....... When I started blogging this February to share my shopping, dining & cooking experience, one of my concerns were, “Will there be viewers?”. I mean, there’re countless chic food blogs, fashionable shopping blogs, exquisite travel blogs etc out there, how do you drive traffic to your blog?

I decided to start a one-stop blog & put my years of fine dining, luxury shopping & adventurous fusion cooking experience together in “Luxury Haven”.

7 years of being in the airline industry as a Flight Attendant has opened up the opportunity for me to travel to many beautiful places to savour the best, indulge in shopping, bring my dining experience back to Singapore & turned it into a cooking passion. Although I’ve left the industry for many years now, travelling has never stopped me. I continue to search for good food & shop for the best bargains. Only problem is – I’ve to pay for my own air-ticket & lodging. LOL.

For those who’re thinking of starting a blog & are discouraged by what look like “complexity”. Don’t be, it’s not that difficult. You may get surprise visits from wonderful people all over the world dropping their reviews. And comments are good, cause they motivate you to write better & it’s amazingly rewarding.

In less than 2mths of blogging, “Luxury Haven” has already brought me 2 beautiful awards. ‘Sushi Birthday Cake’ has emerged as one of the 5 top spots in a recent Foodies contest & has been featured as their Recipe of the Day as "amazingly innovative Sushi Birthday Cake" & the other, Best Blog in the Women’s Blogger Directory. Isn't it's a lovely start?

Alana Roberts, creator of Women’s Blogger Directory, is also the owner behind many great blogs, with "Twilight" being her latest. Here, you can find numerous great reads with many of them being teachers & established writers. So if you enjoy reading & writing, this is the place for you. With so many interesting blogs listed here, you’ll never be bored. This is a place “Where women unite and write”.

Thank you once again, especially members of the Women’s Blogger Directory, for supporting & visiting my blog. I hope to share as much as possible & if you’ve any questions on shopping, dining or travelling tips, feel free to drop me a note.


  1. Congratulations!

    You have encouraged me to walk (back) into the kitchen with your recipes... and my son has finally said 'oh, mommy, your cooking is not so bad afterall'

  2. Thank u all for visiting Luxury Indulgence!

    Agapejen, that's such a wonderful compliment!

    Thks Jacob! Visited your cool blog & posted a comment there :)


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