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Luxury Haven Gets Reviewed!

I've just logged on to my email & a pleasant surprise was waiting for me in my inbox. Barbara Ehrentreu, a retired teacher & currently an accomplished writer in the US, visited my blog & posted a fabulous review.

Here's a brief description of her write-up:

"........... Shirley lives in Singapore and she updates us constantly on new and exciting things to do in that area. I wish I lived there, because she makes everything look so good!!!

........... She tells us also about concerts and gives great recipes for asian food. I love the animated slide show she has of all the dishes she features.

........... But the main reason I like this blog is that she talks about fashion as well and in one of her posts, she concentrated on how to tell a fake handbag from a real one. This is a serious problem when there are so many counterfeit bags out there. I was impressed by the detail she went into to show us the real thing!

So Shirley, from Welcome to Shirley's Luxury Haven, I am highlighting your blog and look forward to reading more interesting and unusual posts:)".

For full article, visit Barbara's review "We visit Shirley's Luxury Haven" at her blog. The lovely writer also interviews a new guest author on every Thursday, the next being Tim Hooker ,who is the author of three books & editor of his blog Sushi Tuesday.

If you want to know what goes on in the head of a writer, check out Barbara's Meanderings.

Thank you Barbara, for the marvelous review & voting for me at the Women's Blogger Directory!


  1. Congrats again Shirley! This is an awesome week for your blog. What a lovely surprise from Barbara. I love reading about stories like this :).

  2. Thank you Shirley!!!!:) What a wonderful way to say thank you. This is the first time that anyone has ever posted an excerpt of my highlight post.:)

    Also thank you for saying I am an accomplished writer. I do have one children's story published and hope to have my novel published soon when a publisher starts thinking like you.:LOL

    Rosidah, thank you too for you comment. It all made me smile.:)

  3. Congrats and good job!!! Barbara was right on target with your wonderful blog!

  4. Thks so much! U gals make my day :)


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