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I Support Earth Hour 2009 – At The Esplanade Park

Beautiful skyline, great music, romantic candlelight, friendly & fun crowd………. And yes, I was there, at the Esplanade Park last evening with my family, supporting Earth Hour 2009 & to witness the first ever blackout of buildings in Singapore. (Pix of volunteers). Were you there too? singapore earth hour esplanade
I almost didn’t make it. The sky was dark when we were getting ready for the event. We were wondering, it’s gonna be an open-air event, what if it rains. But we were all set to go, I’d already filled my “picnic basket” with my favourite snacks, mineral water & groundsheet. Besides, my hubby & I wouldn’t like to disappoint our son. With all the global warming talks in schools, I guess that we as parents, have to set a good example for our child. Then, it started to pour when we stepped out of our apartment. Nonetheless, we were determined to join Singapore & the rest of the world to support #EarthHour. And, I’m glad I was there. louis vuitton neverfull
The rain didn't last & we’d little effort identifying the exact venue as we simply follow the music coming from the concert, which led us all the way to the park. It was already crowded when we arrived around 7.30pm. We soon found our very own cozy corner & set up our picnic area, like many others. We started unloading our snacks & making ourselves comfortable, then I realized I forgot the most important thing – candles. Gosh! How could I? I was feeling a little upset but I was suddenly distracted by the sound of 'tong-tong chang, tong-tong chang'. “Mum, it’s the Dragon Dance!” Jon exclaimed. This came as a surprise cause we thought we could only see such performances during Chinese New Year. singapore earth hour dragon danceWhen the Dragon Dance was over, Jon & I took a stroll at the booth area. There were NEC, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Old Chang Kee & few others participating in this movement. We were offered Coke Zero for free, at a condition that we have to bring back the cans for recycling. I think that was a very innovative approach. The booths display banners & provided a lot of information on global warming etc, such as the Coca-Cola’s “Energy & Climate”. singapore earth hour energy and climate
I spotted one booth manned by a group of secondary school students giving lessons on making “Grasshopper”. I was asked to participate which I gladly accepted the invitation. It looked easy but for the first couple of minutes, I was struggling with the banana leaf. Phew! I finally completed one & proudly presented it to my hubby. Does it look like a grasshopper to you? singapore earth hour grasshopper crafts
When Jon & I got back to where my hubby was, we found him chatting with someone & thought nothing much. Then, we realized he was being interviewed by a Straits Times journalist, which came out in the papers today, “We’re seeing so many natural disasters around the world. Hopefully, an event like this can raise awareness & bring the global community together to slow down the effects of climate change”. Mmmm…. at least, I know we’re on the same page.
singapore earth hour straits times news article

In no time, the Earth Hour volunteers went around distributing candles & lighting them up. I was happy. At least it won’t make me look bad, sticking out like a sore thumb without any candles. Yeh! candle light at esplanade park
I heard a commotion not far from us & all heads seemed to be turning towards one direction. Wow! What a beautiful heart-shaped set-up!!! A group of gals were celebrating birthday for one of their pals & created a heart-shaped ring surrounding a cake. Lucky gal & what a way to celebrate. I’m sure she’ll never forget this memorable day. celebrate singapore earth hour candles
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……… lights off, Singapore!! And all of us roared & cheered to this historical global event. I felt the heat, I sensed the earth “moved” under the hour & everyone was having fun.

I’d captured some of the beautiful night scenes before the lights out, using my 8.1 mega pixel Kitty camera. I’m just an amateur but I think some of these pictures turned out pretty well. singapore earth hour
I’d a great time with my family & it doesn’t end there. Let’s all play our part, there’ll still be increasingly severe consequences for people & nature, with the most vulnerable communities & species being hit first & hardest.

singaporeans celebrating earth hour
My family is now more conscious in leaving that unused light on & we put in efforts to turn off all main power before going to bed everynite. These are just some of the little things we do but it matters. singapore earth hour 2009
So how did you witness the historical event last evening? Did you have a candlelight dinner at home or were you out on an event like me? Share with us your thoughts.


  1. Although i'm not able to participate in this event at the venue, i'm glad to have your update on the happenings there. Great Job! Thank you.

  2. Sounds like so much fun - wish I'd been in Singapore for Earth Hour! Thanks for sharing this Shirley, and congratulations on winning the latest contest on the WBD.

  3. Oh yes, I'd a great time with my family. Hey thanks Pamposh, for informing me about my surprise win & visiting my blog.

  4. Thank you for bringing your celebration to us. The pictures make me want to have been there. These corporations like Coca Cola need to be more responsible and that was a great way to highlight recycling. Most places here have 2 places for garbage and we use recycling all the time. Conserving electricity is a good idea, but we need to get the big corporations to do it too.


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