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Fine Dining: Herbal Cuisine

I was playing host to a group of childhood friends last night & the theme was Herbal Cuisine. I enjoy the Yin & the Yang but sometimes, traditional Chinese herbs especially certain tonic soups can be quite bitter, which kinda puts me off.

I’ve been surfing for ideas on the net the past 2 days, hoping to find some inspiration but found none, except for tonic soups, which are too common. Hence, I’ve decided to play with some herbs by creating new dishes, based on my past experiences dining in some herbal restaurants. I’ve cooked some of these dishes before but have added extra herbs to experiment this time round.

Discover for yourself the ancient philosophy of Yin & Yang, unravel herbal myths & immerse yourself in this culinary journey into the world of Chinese herbs. Click on the highlighted-coloured names & it will take you directly to my recipes, revealing the various therapeutic effects of the herbs.

Chicken Tonic
The combination of Lotus Seeds, Lilies, Wolfberries & Red Dates in the Chicken Soup helps to clear away "heart-fire" & tranquilize the mind.

Fungus Chicken with Ginkgo Nuts
This is one of my family’s favourite dish but this time, I’ve added an additional ingredient - Ginkgo nuts.

Steamed Dory Roll
I’ve used Snow Fungus to decorate the dish, with the fish rolls sitting on these beautiful translucent flowers. Texture of the Snow Fungus is silky smooth & when it’s steamed together with the fish, the liquid from the seafood, ham & mushroom etc gives the fungus a distinctive flavour.

Sweet Peas with Oyster Mushroom
Peas are known to have detoxifying effects. Stir-fry together with Oyster Mushroom, whose benefits include cancer fighting, cholesterol lowering etc is a perfect combination.

To the ancient Romans, mushrooms were considered a food fit for the gods, while the Chinese believed mushrooms empower one with Herculean strength. As you may well know, you can help reduce your cancer risk by decreasing the amount of fat you eat & increasing your intake of fruits & vegetables. I’ve cooked the dish with Sweet Peas to add crunch, sweetness & lots of nutrients to the diet. (No pix & recipe as this is relatively a simple dish)

Mixed-Treasures (Dessert)
Sweet acts on the spleen & stomach, helping digestion & neutralizing the toxic effects of other food. Occasionally, I’d prepare this delicious & soothing drink for my family. But I’ve decided to turn it into a gelatine for this occasion.

About less than hour to dinner time, one of the guests decided to bring his 6 yr-old daughter along as he failed to get someone babysit her. As the theme for dinner was Herbal Cuisine, it’s really not suitable for young children. At the eleventh hour, I just have to make do with whatever I can find in my refrigerator, keeping in mind to include nutritious value for a young child. (Given the last minute notice, I'd no time to take pictures of some of the "finished products").

As I was unsure of the girl’s liking, I decided to give her a twin Kero-Keropi Pasta – Cream & Tomato base, using ingredients I’ve salvaged from the fridge.


  1. Try it one of these days & experience the benefit of Chinese Herbs.

  2. very nice theme...

    my first time here...

    happy to follow you...

    chk out my space too:


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