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Fine Dining: "Bed" Supperclub

If you’re in search of an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience & not afraid to discover the creative corners, Supperclub’s the place for you.

Last evening, my friends & I were privileged to be invited to the Ladyluxe Event, the all-new Ladies’ Night on every Wednesday, to experience this whole novel dining-in-bed experience.

Whether you’re feeling ecstatic or blue, you’ll blush with excitement the moment you step into the two-storey sexy club & be greeted by a Queen-sized bed coupled with lush cushions.

Upon entering the “multi-coloured” room, you’ll be welcomed by huggable teddy bears hanging above the ceiling, all set in a modern & futuristic ambience.

Walk into the impressive hall, then get lost in little alleys but don’t be surprised if you bump into the opposite sex in the washrooms shared by both men & women.

Let their residential DJ take you on an aural journey, spinning everything from jazzy down tempo grooves to melodic progressive, or be entertained by the nightly performances belting out live.

Be led to your “table”, which is a row of long beds, lined with crisp white sheets filled with fluffy gigantic cushions. And don’t be shy to flaunt your cameras cause everyone else will also be busy snapping pictures of this unique dining experience.

Dinner starts at 8pm but expect some delays. Our first course arrived at almost 9pm so I suggest you snack before heading down to the club as each course is served at an interval of about 30mins.

In between your gossips, why not take a shot from the mobile bartender pushing his drink cart, recommending the cocktails for the evening?

Take off your shoes, relax & laze in bed while waiting to dine beneath the sheets. Erase your culinary experience & open up your world to the unexpected…… the Chef of Supperclub, together with his team, prepares you a full evening 5-course surprise menu in no sequence:

Tuna Sashimi with Melon Compote. The starter tasted especially refreshing & personally, it’s the best course of the 5. Simple yet uplifting...... And I love the ash-tray surprise!

Expect the unexpected....... We were each given a surgical glove for our next course, while waiting to be teased.

Grilled Quail with Peach Salad. Enthralling but quail’s a little overdone & tasted bland. But I would say it’s an interesting approach.

Artichoke & Almond Soup. Never know artichoke makes good soup too. I enjoy it very much especially the cheesy “biscotti”.

Seabass with Pumpkin. I’m not a fish fan but this is one good quality catch-of-the-day. Unfortunately, none of us are pumpkin aficionado.

Netherlands Apple Pie with Ice-Cream. I’ve to be a little harsh on this dessert. A disappointing finishing dish as the pie was hard as rock. All of us left the pies untouched. Perhaps they’re not meant for the weaker sex?

A fine dining expedition? Call it "Lifestyle Enhancement". I guess if you’ve no fuzzy taste buds & is not intimidated by the price tag of S$65++ for a dinner excluding drinks, Supperclub's still a pleasant, dining-in-bed upscale restaurant; a sanctuary of music, food & art.

While the service is not immaculate, the staff were patient enough to entertain “bumpkins” like myself for occasional photo shots during the entire dinner session. Adding to that, I'd like to give them credit for having our culinary preferences in mind before preparing the unexpected menu eg. No beef, vegetarian etc. Rating: 3½/5

Supperclub Singapore
Odeon Towers
331 North Bridge Road
Tel: (65) 6334 4080

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