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Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts

Romance is in the air...........

February 14th’s drawing near and you don’t wanna spend too much on your gift this year. How about learning the art of crochet? It’s much easier than knitting, which I’ve failed terribly. So if I can do it, I’m sure you can too.

Well, the last time I crochet something was back in school days. But this Valentine's Day, I decided to pick it up again as not to break my piggy bank. And I did it – in just less than a week ( including time to snack, surf and chasing my Hong Kong TV drama)!!

Well, I've completed the black elegant iPhone pouch using glittering black wool and in the midst of completing a girly pouch (strap & button not done yet) for my friends.

how to diy beautiful mobile phone covers

learn how to crochet valentines day gifts

So let’s waste no time and go to D.I.Y: Handphone Pouch to get started now!! Check out other designs I've made @ Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts: Part II!


  1. I like the black pouch because is my favourite colour :)

  2. Ann, I like the black one too cause it's glittering with the silver thread.


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