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Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts: Part II

Following my post on Feb 5 on Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts (iPhone pouch & an uncompleted girly bag), here are more finished products for my friends this Valentine’s Day.

diy handphone pouch, mobile phone case, crochet tips

diy valentines day gifts, crochet tips
diy valentines day gift, crochet tips

I’ve added a #Nokia pouch with a slot in front for cards & a mini pouch. The other is the completed pouch which I've mentioned in my earlier post. Notice the 2 orange pouches share some similarities except that one has a tie-string ribbon & the other, a strap with jewel button?

Once you’ve mastered the art of #crochet, you can play around with the designs. Refer to the pattern picture on the basics of making a circle & you’re on your way to making these adorable pouches for your friends & loved ones!

Go to on the basics of crochet.

valentines day gifts, crochet tips valentines day diy gifts, crochet tips

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