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Try out this 3-day Detox Program!

I've been hearing a lot about detox program but haven't really got to it until I've been given a detoxification menu by a nutritionist last week. Being a food-lover & I practically live to eat, it's really tough just to think about it.

But it's gonna be different this time. I was determined to put myself into the program the day after I got the menu but Valentine's Day was approaching, so I told myself I would start the next day, & the next day, & the next day. I came up with a whole lot of dumb excuses just to postpone this torturing experiment cause temptations were everywhere. People were eating around me & that's a bad idea.

Sometimes, I feel that only Garfield really understands me, cause we belong to the same world. I've put together my fave diet quote + my idol's photo = perfect match! Gosh! How I love this picture........

....... back to serious business. So I've learnt - Rule no. 1: Stay away from greedy people, you're never gonna make it. Rule no. 2: Get an "accomplice". Well, in my case, I've induced my family members to join me in this scam. And I've started, this morning!

Obediently, I'd 1 glass of soya milk + 1 apple for breakfast & for lunch, clear vegetable soup + 1 slice of papaya. Hooray, I did it!! But honestly, I'm starving as I'm writing this blog & I've just drank another glass of apple cider. I'm not sure how long I can last - 3 days seem too long. Oh God, I'm so weak now! Mentally, I'm not strong. I need to keep my mind off my Ben & Jerry Cherry Garcia, my pineapple tarts (specially baked by my dear friend, Elena), my fave deep-fried chicken wings etc, etc, etc.

I'm always looking forward to dinner time to feast but I'm just gonna be eating grass & leaves tonight. Anyway, since I'll have a cleaned, pure & healthy body after this 3-day ordeal, I'll keep to it. Now, this detox program has to be done consecutively in a month to enjoy the benefits. It's for every individual regardless of weight.

Things to do during the 3 days:
  • Drink 2 glasses of Apple Cider Vinegar per day (1 tbs mix to 1 glass of water) Tasted terrible so I've added honey
  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily

Food to avoid:
  • No rice, noodle or bread
  • No dairy products & meat
  • No caffeinated beverages (soft drinks, milo, coffee or tea)
  • No potato, tapioca, yam & corn
  • No fruits such as durian, mango, lychee, longan, rambutan, mangosteen & banana (Don't ask me why)
Let's work towards a healthy lifestyle!


  1. haha..... this seems easy for me to follow but it never works for me, (sigh and cries). And i agreed with you, apple cider vinegar taste yucky!

  2. I agree that we have to detoxify our body regularly. It's very nice of you to share these information and recipes. I am glad that there are sites like this that gives information to people in order to have a smart choice of detox program.


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