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Fine Dining: Harbour Grill & Oyster Bar

Lunch yesterday was at Harbour Grill, as my friend has not been to this award-winning restaurant. This old charm used to be in my A-list since I first stepped in more than 15 years ago. But with so many new restaurants sprouting out all over Singapore, it was soon forgotten until I revisited recently.

harbour grill oyster bar singapore amuse bouche
We were first served Amuse-bouche, compliments from the chef. It’s little bits of “dried” seafood, somewhat tasted like dried shrimps (虾米), submerged in a glass of thick but light & delicious Pumpkin “mousse”. I found the seafood too salty for my liking, I’d probably substitute it with fresh ones instead. I’m not a pumpkin fan but I’m definitely gonna add this interesting starter to my To-do-list & get some guinea pigs to try my version. Friends….. beware!

harbour grill oyster bar singapore oysters
Fresh oysters are flown in weekly to the Hilton. The menu offers 3 choices – Gatinated with traditional “Beurre d’ Escargot”, Mornay or Kilpatrick style S$10/piece or S$12/piece for “White Pearls”. The latter’s probably taken better fresh but I was in the mood for Kilpatrick. Oyster’s plumpy & juicy.

harbour grill oyster bar singapore foie gras pasta
A popular favourite amongst regulars is the Spaghetti Truffle with Foie Gras @ S$44. I thought the price was around S$36 when I was there a month ago. Probably I was charged higher as it was not on the menu this time.

Well, if you can’t find the pasta in the menu, make a special request & the Chef would be delighted to cook for you. The Foie Gras here comes in big, chunky cubes & the truffles & cheese blend is a perfect combination. I prefer mine slightly crispy on the outside & I got mine done to my liking.

harbour grill oyster bar singapore desserts
We ended our meal with an assortment of petite French desserts, compliments from the chef.

harbour grill oyster bar singapore coffee tea
I had Peppermint Tea & my friend, Latte. This tray of sugar cubes looks simply too good to be taken. My friend & I left the restaurant, satisfied. It's a 4/5!

Harbour Grill & Oyster Bar
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Tel: (65) 6737 2233

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