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Fine Dining: At Home (That Perfect Table Setting)

Dining at home with your Valentine’s Date tonight?

Surprise your partner, set the mood right! It’s the perfect time to bring out those good stuff that have been hiding in your kitchen cabinets. Here are some Savoir Faire on how to set your table for a romantic chinwag:

1) Display your designer chinaware, #WMF cutleries, crystal champagne flutes on your placemats, they’re too pretty to be left in the cabinets. Get the ambience right. These serve as a beautiful backdrop for a romantic meal……… the table's the mirror of your personality.

diy valentines day table setting2) A romantic table’s incomplete without flowers. You can choose a centrepiece or scatter flower petals over the table like what I did. I love roses but they’re too expensive today, substitute it with other species instead.
diy romantic valentines day table settings3) Play sentimental, soft music & you may even burn some home fragrance oil eg. Sandalwood (easily available at The Body Shop)

Oops! Gotta rush off to prepare tonight’s meal. Come back tomorrow if you wanna know what I’ll be cooking later……. I’ll be posting my recipes.

Oh ya, forget the tv & no handphone!! You don’t wanna spoil the atmosphere.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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