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Luxurious Hotels in Tucson AZ

I was browsing through the internet for travel sites & stumbled upon Hotels in Tucson AZ. For the discerning travellers, it’s gaming, entertainment, spa, hotel etc; all at one place! The Resort, Spa & Conference Centre is nestled cosily in the tranquil mesquites of the high desert; just 15 minutes away from the Tucson International Airport & downtown Tucson.

Towering 10 stories above the Tucson desert, sipping a glass of bubbly at sky level with your loved one must be a captivating moment. Besides the 215 luxurious rooms & suites, the resort also offers a fine & eclectic selection of restaurants & bars for diners, providing an unmatched experience.

So what’s so interesting about this resort, which makes it different from others around the world? I learnt that all revenues from the hotel enterprises actually go to government administration & services; none go to individual per capita payments.

The people behind this establishment are the Yaqui people, who have a long history rich in cultural traditions. The tribe also provides critical programs & services focused on health, housing, education & public safety etc. Therefore, by enjoying their facilities, you enable these programs & services, supporting the advancement of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. In another words, you’re also doing a good deed. So remember to bookmark their site & check out their on-going promotions for your next travel!


  1. Surely sounds like a great place Shirley but you know what, we too have such beautiful place to enjoy, like the Rasa Sayang Resort I stayed at Penang which gives the best service and all the best facilities.

  2. Nice post Shirley.....The place looks good....

  3. Nava, thks for the recommendation! I haven't been to M'sia for ages & would love to visit again. Perhaps when the crime rates there drop. Hope the M'sia govt will step up on their security.

    Neha, thks! Can't wait to book a flight there. Hahaha!

  4. This is so captivating. It's sure looks like a place to relax n be away from the fast pace in Singapore. I'll keep this in mind should i be looking for a place to unwind. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Doris, I'm glad we're on the same page :) I'm sure u'll have fun at the resort!

  6. I so need a vacation...oh and a spa :) Looks like a wonderful place and interesting how the proceeds are utilized, very nice :)

  7. Alisha, seems ladies always need breaks. Heehee! I love how their utilize their gains too.


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