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Imperial Treasure At Marina Bay Sands

Here’s my 2¢ worth of review of the new Imperial Treasure @ MBS, which I’ve visited recently.
Frankly, my intention of going to this restaurant was to avoid paying the S$100 fee that S’poreans have to foot just to see the newly-opened casino. I was told one could have a full view of the insides of the casino from there & I did. I was elated, both with the superb view & the sumptuous food.

The Chinese restaurant’s collection of dishes makes this venue a perfect place to rest your feet after a day’s tour @ MBS. Just look at the comfortable soft leather seats & fluffy cushions, it’s enough to make my feet go weak.

Well, my friend & I started our meal with some Tim-sum:
Steamed Prawn Dumpling @ S$5

Steamed Pork Ribs @ S$4

Steamed Glutinous Rice @ S$4.50

The Tim-sum were tasty, especially the Glutinous Rice which was filled with my fave Salted Egg-yolk.

Then, came my Braised Bird’s Nest with Crab Roe, which was unabashedly opulent. At S$60 a plate, it’s worth every cent.

We also ordered the Australian Fresh Abalone @ S$12 per 10gm. We requested for 1 @ S$120, to be divided into 2 plates. The Abalone was cleverly braised, portraying the Chef’s meticulous attention to flavour.

The Sauteed Scallop @ S$12 is a must-try. An ingenious approach adding Italian White Truffle Oil, creating an exquisite bouquet of aromas.

All the above dishes were gently coaxed so that every bite of food makes a statement. I’d definitely be back for more! Check out More Than Just Casino At Marina Bay Sands Singapore to see how you can spend a day @ the new resort.


  1. Wow, sound like a good location to chill out. And the food.........mmmm......yum yum!

  2. This looks like an awesome restraunt. I like the ambiance. Im sure the food was amazing. HA...I didn't realize we had chosen the same blog design! I HAD CBOTB but it disappeared and I tried to get my old design back and I can/t. I now think I prefer's not as busy as the onld one was.

  3. Sounds excellent! I love your new page design!

  4. Baby, the food's good there.

    Deli S, one stone kills two birds. LOL!

    JillyAn, I was surprised too when I visited your blog :) I like the rich maroon.

    5 Star F, thanks & good to see u again!

  5. Wow, everything sounds wonderful...I am especially drawn to anything mentioning truffle oil, lol...The prawn dumplings are also a favorite...Very nice review :) And lovely site...


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