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Hearty Brinjal Recipe With Dried Scallops

Be tempted by this soft & spicy Brinjal aka Eggplant recipe, stir-fried with Dried Scallops & Shrimps till aromatic!
Instead of the popular Sambal style, I'm using my favourite Scallop & Shrimp Floss & added minced Pork & diced Mushrooms for an additional punch. It makes quite a different flavour, but absolutely tempting; good enough to be eaten with a bowl of plain rice.

1 Brinjal
50g Minced Pork
5 Chinese mushrooms
2 tbsp Dried Scallop Floss
2 tbsp Shrimp Floss
3 tbsp Oyster sauce
2 tsp Cooking Oil
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 cup water

½ tsp Oyster sauce
½ tsp Chinese wine
½ tsp Cornflour
Dash of salt & pepper

  1. Soak mushrooms till soft & remove stems. Dice mushrooms. Marinade pork & set aside.
  2. Wash & cut brinjal into slices.
  3. Heat oil & lightly "roast" the brinjal. Remove & set aside.
  4. Heat another tsp of oil & stir-fry pork & mushrooms with scallop & shrimp floss. Add water, then brinjal. Close lid & simmer for about 8 mins.
  5. Transfer onto serving plate when brinjal turns soft & fragrant. Top it up with scallop floss & serve hot, with a bowl of fragrant rice.
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  1. Im not a brinjal person. But it looks nice.

  2. I am craving for food like this! So yum.

  3. This is something new as I always eat it with chilli. Mmm... would like to try this out!

  4. Thank u so much for all your comments! It's one of those simple food that u've gotta try :)

  5. Nice recipe, this is really yummy. There is nothing to argue about. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. thank you for sharing this recipe..

  6. Charley, nothing beats a lovely dish like this with a plain bowl of rice. I'm sure u'll fall in love with this asian dish.


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