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Strawberry Sorbet Mango Puree

how to make strawberry sorbet
For Sorbet/Sherbet lovers, here’s an instant DIY that you can try at home. Found this “Sherbic しゃービックイチゴ” in Tokyo; you may check if the Japanese supermarkets here are selling. I’ve added mango puree for an additional touch & it’s a perfect blend – sweet & sour.

  1. Pour the sachet into a bowl & add 400ml of water. (Add milk instead to make sherbet).
  2. strawberry sorbet for valentines day
  3. Stir well & pour into an ice tray. Freeze for 2-3hrs.
  4. Remove skin from 2 mangoes. Dice 1 mango & blend the other. Refrigerate.
  5. how to make mango puree dessert
  6. Remove cubes from tray just before serving. Spoon puree over sorbet & top it up with diced mango. Here's your home-made Strawberry Sorbet Mango Puree!
how to make daiso strawberry sorbet
Check out how I've played with dessert this just by adding Cream Corn @ Flirting With Food On Valentine’s Day!
valentines day sorbet with mango puree dessert


  1., thks for comments! Nice post on mooncakes :)

  2. Mango and sorbet.. I think it would be nice. I think adding passion fruit would work nicely too.

  3. 2 mangoes. Thks Baby, I've rephrased it. Tip: Keep the nicely-cut mangoes for topping & put the rest to blend.

    The Saints, Passion fruit sounds good too! Because this brand of sorbet's a little sweet, adding a fruit with a sour-touch will be great :)

  4. Wo-hoo, delicious! Thanks for sharing this great recipe. Have a wonderful week, Shirley :)

  5. Shirley, This looks yummy !! True summer delight!
    Liked you on facebook!!


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