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Fine Dining Spotted At ION Orchard

This culinary wizard has taken a step further by opening the latest outlet - Taste Paradise @ ION Orchard is the latest addition to the expanding portfolio of the Paradise Group. I was there during lunch to sample the 5-course Executive Set Lunch @ S$55++ per person.

I was surprised to see the full-house restaurant as I was ushered to my seat. This fine dining outlet is somewhat different from their other humble branches. I was smiling to myself when I saw my seat, which was away from the dining hall. It was a cozy 2-4 seater with individual curtains for privacy. Wow! The first hurdle has already raised my standard & I was hunger for more. I was too, impressed at the wide range of Ala Carte menu, which looks so intriguing.
Pan-seared Foie Gras & Peking Duck Salad. This is one of the few Chinese restaurants where you'll find the Foie Gras delicacy. At S$55 for the entire course, this is a steal! This East-meets-West starter was delightfully pleasing & bursting with flavours.Double-boiled Cordyceps’s Flower Soup with Shark’s Fin & Deer’s Tendon. As my friend is non-Chinese, I was afraid this herbal soup might not take to her liking. Surprising, the taste of Cordycep was rather mild & the soup packed a punch. She liked the soup so much that she has finished the entire bowl. Baked fillet of Cod. This dish was paired with with Crispy Tofu & served in the Chef’s miso recipe on a bed of Black Truffle Reduction. Nothing spectacular but I've no complaints.
Wok-fried Ramen was the Oriental version of Linguine served with pan-seared Scallop in shrimp stock. The noodle was a bit soggy, somewhat over-cooked. I don't quite fancy this ramen. Chilled Mango Puree arrived at our table in a fanciful bowl within a glass. They could’ve done better by adding eg. dry ice effect, as I was expecting something interesting seeing upon this attractive serving glassware. The dessert has bits of Sago & Pomelo & coupled with my fave Coconut ice-cream. Creamy & sweet.

Almost every dish that came out of this reasonably-priced lunch was laudable. The Chef has cleverly given each course a twist that made them unique. I’ll definitely go back for more. Rating: 4/5

Taste Paradise
ION Orchard #04-07
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: (65) 6509 9660

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