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1-For-1 @ Li Bai, Sheraton Towers

Named after the famous Tang Dynasty Poet, Li Bai is famed for its Cantonese cuisine served in the tradition of grand Emperors & I was there to take advantage of the UOB 1-for-1 promo, trying the Chef’s Creation @ S$68 for 2 pax.

Of course, the other excuse was actually to feast on the legendary Hairy Crab ( 大閘蟹 ), renowned for its supreme combination of colour, texture & flavour & the most eagerly anticipated crustacean on the culinary calendar now. (This is a side order, not part of set lunch).

While waiting for food to be served, I ordered this must-have appetizer. The S$8 plate of Silver Fish at Li Bai is the best, next to Man Fu Yuan & Lei Garden. The starter here is served with crispy Kailan leaves & with a dash of chilli peppers. The very first time I tried these suspiciously delightful leaves, I was surprised when the chef told me it was Kailan. I didn't know this mild bitter-taste vegetable, often served blanched with a hinge of oyster sauce, could be deep-fried.
The first course on the set-lunch menu was the Dim-sum Combination, which blended perfectly with the artistic touches of paintings & poems. The tasty deep-fried item is wrapped in beancurd-skin & has a crunchy filling of minced meat & seafood. I like the dim-sum in the middle best cause I love the tiny bits of green & yellow peppers, chestnut etc, which added some punch to the seafood. The last item was just an ordinary seafood dumpling you’d often find in the dim-sum menu.
Now, the Double-boiled Chicken Soup is worth-mentioning. You get a whole piece of baby abalone to chew on after drinking this delicious clear soup, which was bursting with flavours.
Next course was the Pan-fried Wagyu Beef & Chicken Roll, served with Lotus Leaf Rice. Japanese Enoki mushrooms were cleverly disguised in the tender meat rolls, with special sauce dribbled on them. As the oyster-based sauce was rather rich, it kinda left the lotus leaf rice rather blend. With drum-rolls in my heart, the much-awaited king of crab roes finally arrived at our table, professionally cut. In the masterful hands of Li Bai’s chef, the rich & distinct taste of the hairy crab flown in from Jiang Su province, were preserved & highlighted. At S$53 each (about 240g), it’s another marvelous epicurean experience & I was slurping with joy.

After our crabby side order, we ended the decent meal with the Special Dessert of the Day - Mango in Sago. Hairy Crab lovers, check out my post on this renown crustacean @ It's The Hairy Crab Season!

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant
B1, Sheraton Towers
Thirty-Nine Scotts Road
Singapore 228230
(65) 6839 5623


  1. Reminds me of the first time I ate these crabs when I was in China a few years back. I didn't know that these crabs can be so expensive. The other time I had it for free. :)

    It was the first time I tried these crabs in its simplest form; they just steamed it. The sweetness was heavenly.

  2. Great to have another crabby fan here :) Wish I could visit China again for their Hairy Crabs.... so much cheaper there. Checked out your blog but tried in vain to leave comments on your post.


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