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Prawns, Cooking With Quaker Oats

You can create wonders using cereal, from a fuss-free hearty breakfast to baking & even whipping up a meal. Since my Japanese guest is a seafood lover, I decided to introduce him to one of Singapore’s most popular dish – Cereal Prawns, using Quaker Oats.
1/2 kg Medium or Big Prawns
3 Sprigs of curry leaves (remove sprig)
3 Chilli Padi (chopped/sliced)
5 tbsp Quaker Oats
1 tbsp milk powder
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp Garlic (minced)
½ Egg
1 tbsp flour
Cooking oil
  1. De-vein & slit open fully, the back of the prawns.
  2. Whisk egg & mix with prawns.
  3. Add flour & stir well.
  4. Heat oil & deep-fry prawns. Drain & set aside. Melt butter. Add in curry leaves, garlic & chili padi. Cook on small fire till fragrant.
  5. Mix milk powder with cereal & add into wok.
  6. Stir well & throw in prawns. Stir-fry briefy & you’ll get a delicious plate of Cereal Prawns.
Cereal Prawns on Foodista


  1. That's a lovely prawn dish. I have never cooked prawns with oat but it sure sounds such a great idea. I have to try that.

  2. Thks for dropping by! Left a comment on your blog :)

  3. This looks so appetizing, my mouth is watering as I read this! Im gonna go eat now! :)

  4. We like to grind oatmeal down to a powder too. It makes a nice coating. Wonderful prawn dish.

  5. Looks so good, I would never of though to pair quaker oats and prawns, great idea!

  6. That cereal prawn looks fantastic! Definitely going to try whipping it up when I get some prawns next week! Heh.

    Wondering if you have to use rolled oats or either instant quaker oats.


    Justin Pereira

  7. Ian, try this dish if u haven't. It's yummy!

    Duo Dishes & Southern G.Gourmet, thks again for the compliments!

    Justin, you can simply use instant quaker oats. Thks for visiting & I've left my comments on your blog :)

  8. BTW, its my Uncle Kia Yoke who introduced me to your blog. Haha.

  9. Hahaha! Hope u've enjoyed reading! Looking fwd to sharing :)


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