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Eco-Friendly Performance Bedding

Going green? Concerned about ecological products that are both safe & friendly? I was on a mission to "take green to the next level" & stumbled upon that strikes me as a great resource for both tips & green bedding.
ziasleep eco friendly performance bedding
A healthy bedroom is one that allows us to rest, heal & rejuvenate in a space free from environmental stresses & connected to the healing properties of nature. There is nothing more worthwhile than investing in a nice comfortable mattress as the body requires proper sleep to be able to regenerate for the next day. I was totally taken in by ZiaSleep's Eco friendly mattress, such as the Eco Memory Foam Mattress, which is perfect for the sensitive sleeper.

Wow Factors:
- EcoMemory Foam uses 100% natural plant-based substitues instead of the chemical typically used in manufacturing foam.
- Unique open-cell surface of EcoMemory Foam resists body heat retention & dissipates heat faster, so you sleep cooler.
- 10-year Warranty for Bamboo cover.

With ZiaSleep’s Performance Bedding, I was also impressed with the OUTLAST technology in their ISO-COOL Pillow. This incredible feature uses smart temperature relief that absorbs your body heat to keep you cool & releases heat to warm you up. Selection & care of pillows are especially important because these are kept close to your face as you sleep. The OUTLAST cutting-edge technology delivers a level of comfort, performance, purity & durability.

What about completing the bedding set with matching Bamboo Bed Sheets? Imagine if you could improve the quality of your sleep by just a simple switch of sheets. Dreamsacks Bamboo Sheets are a luxurious & environmental alternative to cotton. Bamboo grows as fast as you can cut it & produces more oxygen to offset the rising CO2 levels that contribute to global warming.

Now we can choose beddings that’s non-toxic & friendly for the kids, the elderly, the entire family & most importantly, the EARTH!

Creating the perfect eco-friendly bedroom begins with an ALL NATURAL HEAVENLY BED! Let’s start making our bedroom a natural sanctuary & rest easy in a greener, healthier room.


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