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A Lovely Gift - Hello Kitty

Isn't this fluffy Hello Kitty bedroom slippers simply adorable?

It was a gift from my good friend, Elena. No, it's not my birthday nor any special occasion. We met up for lunch & she handed me a huge Kitty carrier, saying it was for me. I was blushing with joy to find my favourite Kitty gift. How thoughtful of her. Yeh, I can add this to my Hello Kitty collection!

Friendship is like a flower. With each tender care, it blooms with beauty & strength. I always believe that kindness begets kindness & little nice gestures like this goes a long way.

Drop a note to your friends once a while to show that they're constantly in your mind, even though you may not meet often. Think of the good things they've done & not the bad. Trust me, you'll be happier.

If you happen to go shopping & spot something nice, get it for her. I'm sure it'll make her day & it doesn't have to be expensive. Start today if you haven't & be ready to be greeted with appreciation.

Thank U, Elena! You've made my day.

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