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Fine Dining: KO

Located at the former Suntory restaurant at the InterContinental Singapore is KO, which serves one of the best Wagyu (和牛) in town. Also, fresh sashimi & sushi & tantalising kaiseki sets are expertly crafted to perfection in a harmonious balance of colour, texture, shape & size. Food is exquisite but service is especially slow, so patience is needed if you wanna dine here.

I was terribly hungry & noting their slow service, I ordered a plate of Salmon Sashimi as soon as I was seated. The fresh fish slices arrived like a beautiful rose display on a bed of ice. inter-con hotel ko japanese restaurant sashimiI enjoy Dobin-mushi (土瓶蒸し), a clear soup with mushroom & seafood served in teapot & the one at KO priced at S$16 is really quite tasty. inter-con hotel ko japanese restaurant dobin-mushiA unique dish in the menu is the Deep-fried Jumbo Egg-plant cooked in 2 types of miso, & I really mean JUMBO. I’ve never seen such huge Nasu in my entire life. It didn’t look like any egg-plants I’ve eaten before but the familiar taste soon surfaced once I digged into the dish. Though described as deep-fried, it looked & tasted more like grilled. The miso is salty but it went well with the bland nasu. inter-con hotel ko japanese restaurant grilled miso egg-plantI ordered the Wagyu Nanbu Zara Yaki @ S$68 as my main, which was served with a charcoal hot plate. I enjoyed the mini “cooking session”, which enabled me to control how well-done I wanted my beef to be. The wagyu came accompanied by 3 types of sauces – ponzu, garlic chilli & mustard & the juicy beef tasted delicious with the ponzu.
inter-con hotel ko japanese restaurant wagyu beefSweet, sour, crispy yet tender. The Tori Nanban Age (Deep-fried chicken) @ KO is different from the usual fried chicken you eat in other Japanese restaurants. The chicken is stir-fried together with some pickles & tasted a little sweet. Personally, I prefer the traditional style as the nanban version is a little too heavy.
Rating: 4/5 inter-con hotel ko japanese restaurant tori kara-ageFor the month of May & June, KO’s offering a delectable 6-course meal of the protein-rich Sea bream @ S$98++ per set. Why not lift your spirits with KO's exquisite classical & contemporary cuisine?

InterContinental Singapore
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966
Tel: (65) 6825 1064


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  2. Hey David, thks for visiting & I've done the same. Great post on Penang!

  3. soup in a teapot? never see before. how do u eat the mushroom?

  4. The Japanese usually pick up the ingredients using chopsticks when they've finished the pot of soup :)

    Hey, your poems r really cool!


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