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Recipe: Mixed-Treasures Dessert

mixed treasures dessert chinese herbs recipe
Therapeutic Effects:
Longan Fruit ( 龍眼肉) - Invigorates the heart & spleen; nourishes blood & calm the mind; treats insomnia, amnesia & dizziness.

Wolfberry ( 枸杞子) - commonly consumed to promote good eyesight. It's also known for treating & preventing diabetes.

Red Dates (紅棗) - used in Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries claiming to nourish the stomach & spleen energy.

Snow Fungus (雪耳) - Used in both savory & sweet dishes. While its tasteless, it’s enjoyed for its jelly-like texture as well as its supposed medicinal benefits.

Sweet acts on the spleen & stomach helping digestion & neutralizing the toxic effects of other food. Occasionally, I would prepare this as a delicious & soothing drink for my family. But I’ve decided to turn it into a gelatine for an occasion with my friends.

30g dried longans
15 red dates
2 snow fungus
1 tsp wolfberry
150g of gelatine powder
500ml of water
1 medium cube of rock sugar

  1. Add the herbs into boiling water & simmer for an hour. Add rock sugar & cook on low fire for another 10mins. Separate the herbs & liquid.
  2. how to cook healthy chinese herbs dessert
  3. Using a separate pot, add gelatine & liquid from herbs. Stir occasionally till gelatine completely dissolved.
  4. Scoop herbs into glass & add gelatine. Let it cool & refrigerator to set further. Serve icy cold.healthy chinese herbs dessert recipe


  1. This dessert sounds delightful and with many health benefits too! I'm looking forward to trying the other ingredients - longans, red dates, and snow fungus - if I can find them in my store!

  2. Great! Hope u like the taste too :)


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