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Guide To An Authentic Chanel Bag

tips to authentic chanel bags
My apologies for the long wait for this final Guide To Authentic Bags, as there was a sudden influx of emails as well as family matters I’d to attend to. After publishing my series of guides, I’ve some request from readers for guides on names such as Prada and Coach.

I regret to say that even though I was presented with the avatar entitled, I have a black belt in shopping, “bestowed” upon me by a good friend, I won’t be able to provide in-depth knowledge as I’m not a user of these brands. With this, I thank you for reading and supporting my series of guides.....

During some discussions on luxury bags, I came across some facts on Chanel that may have been misleading:

1) Chanel does not make handbags out of lambskin and 2) Chanel bags are made in Italy not France.

I don’t know where they got these information from but as far as I’m concerned, both are untrue.

1) Chanel makes bags out of lambskin and calfskin. Examples: The Classic Flap Bag below is made of lambskin, as with the ultimate soft line and the Cambon line, is made of calfskin. Chanel sometimes uses deerskin, buffalo and goatskin (eg. the Luxury Line bags).
how lambskin classic chanel flap bag looks like2) Chanel bags are made in BOTH France and Italy. Typically, all of the bags of the same style will be made in the same place, but there’re some of the widely made classic bags that might be marked either France or Italy, even in the same season. how to identify an authentic chanel bagSadly, Chanel cannot provide the public with detailed information on how to identify genuine Chanel clothing and accessories, as this information could also be used by counterfeiters to improve their bogus products. However, genuine Chanel products are made of superior materials and are crafted with the best in workmanship.

Authentic Chanel handbag has authenticity card and this embossed card contains a serial number. A same serial number will be placed somewhere within the handbag's interior. Examine both the serial numbers, they must match. difference between fake and authentic chanel bagChanel bags should also come with black dust bags. No symbols and any other writing except the word “Chanel” on it and written in white. If it's authentic, it also comes with a Chanel booklet. how to tell from a fake chanel bagAnother give away is the CC icon. The top of the right 'C' should over lap the left and the bottom of the left 'C' should over lap the right. tips to authentic chanel classic flap bagThis is another Chanel Flap Bag of mine, a mini version with silver CC icon. *Word of caution: Before you buy any luxury items, please make sure it’s the real thing you’re purchasing and not a cheap fake! Read more on:

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