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Recipe: Peachy Chicken Roll

valentine's day peachy chicken roll
This is one nice dish especially when entertaining. It’s also very versatile & a great way to experiment with food too. Eg. you can use a whole chicken or thigh meat but I’ve chosen to use breast meat so I don’t have to debone; you can play with all kinds of fruits & you can even replace Salami with Ham etc. This time, I’ve decided to use peach & complement it with honey-baked ham.

3 pieces of chicken breast or thigh
3 slices of honey-baked ham
12 spinach leaves
Slices of peach
1 tsp of white wine
2 tsp of olive oil
Chopped onion, garlic, parsley
Salt & pepper

  1. Slice open the chicken breast/thigh & marinade them with salt, pepper, wine & oil.
    peachy chicken roll recipe
  2. Place double layer of spinach on chicken & top with ham. Place chopped onion, garlic & parsley over ham & add peaches. peachy chicken roll recipes
  3. Roll chicken tightly & tie with a string. cooking peachy chicken roll recipe
  4. Grill chicken roll for about 20 – 25mins. cook peachy chicken roll recipe
  5. When chicken is ready, slice it nicely when cool & it will open up beautifully. Add your favourite sauce when serving. valentine's day peachy chicken roll recipe

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