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Fine Dining: Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine

Gunther’s, probably one of the most talk-about restaurants along the swanky Purvis Street. The restaurant exudes an opulence yet affable style, which evoke a distinctively French sentiment of Chef Gunther himself, who was working for over five years in Singapore with the Les Amis Group.

I was recommended to this restaurant sometime in 2007 but haven’t been there for a while till last night. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed at that time, but last night’s visit certainly changed my view. They must have “upgraded”, cause their service was impeccable, not to mention the food.

My friends & I arrived early at Gunther’s, they were not ready yet but invited us in anyway. We ordered our drinks while waiting & the manager brought us a plate of potato wafers. Nothing great but it was a nice gesture especially when my stomach was already growling.

We were finally seated in the chic fine dining room. A tray of fresh seafood was later presented to us, introducing the latest catch of the nite etc & what’s the best cooking style. Well, their Grade 9 Wagu certainly caught my attention.

My orders:
My all-time favourite Foie Gras. I can never resist this sinful gourmet.
Gunther’s signature dish, Roasted foie gras with crushed candied almonds, served with confit of seasonal fruit -S$40.

Angel-hair pasta, chili Monte Poro with kombu & dried prawns, chives - S$38. I was hesitant in ordering this pasta as I love the one at Iggy’s. Iggy’s has certainly raised my expectation. I decided to give it a shot & requested for a smaller portion.

Char-grilled Wagyu beef (Grade 9) @ $90. I had mine medium to well. Not the best way to eat but I’m allergic to blood.

Foie Gras. Very generous portion indeed - one of the biggest I’ve ever seen & real value for money. Foie Gras came exactly the way I like it – thickness is just right, crispy on the outside & soft inside. Lip-smacking good!

Pasta. A far cry from Iggy’s. Lesson learnt: Stick to your favourite. No pix, nothing to shout about.

Wagyu. I love Wagyu especially when served in Japanese restaurants. Frankly, I’ve never had any good experience with Wagyu done in any Western restaurants. Last one I tried over at Raffles Grill was a total let-down. At S$80+ for a tiny portion, it’s definitely money not well-spent. Moreoever, beef was tough & hard to chew.
Now this one at Gunther’s was a thumbs-up. Meat was succulent & portion was generous too. It’s really hard to find juicy & tender steak especially when done medium-well. I would say this was one of the best I’ve ever taken.

It was truly an evening of culinary delight. Food was great, except for the angel-hair pasta. Maybe it’s not their fault but mine (too high expectation) or perhaps, Iggy’s. Service was also fantastic. Overall rating: 4½/5
(Pardon me for the poor-quality photos. Forgot to bring my camera & used my Kitty hp instead)

Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine
36 Purvis Street #01-03
Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6338 8955

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