Dynasty Restaurant Review, Hilton Tokyo Bay’s Shanghai Specialty

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant review japanese bonsai
Speaking of Shanghainese cuisine, the distinctive hotel nestled on the shores of Tokyo Bay offers diners a fine dining experience at their Dynasty Restaurant ( 王朝レストラン ), a modern and sophisticated Chinese restaurant located in the basement of Hilton Tokyo Bay.

Your gastronomic delights begin right from the restaurant’s entrance with grandiose marble flooring and well-manicured bonsai plant welcoming you.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant interior decor
food blogger reviews hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant
With the dining room richly decked out in teak wood complete with oriental elements amid shades of red and black seatings, the restaurant exudes a cozy atmosphere with special charm.

yangcheng lake authentic shanghai hairy crabs review
If you are the indecisive sort, Dynasty’s set menus that come with a selection of ineffaceable seasonal classics thoughtfully prepared by their chef would be just perfect. We were at the right place at the right time, where Hairy Crabs were in season during our stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay. So we opted for their Creative Chinese Course, reasonably priced at ¥8,500 per person. * Approx USD 75/pax.
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Keio Plaza ( 京王プラザホテル ), Tokyo’s First Skyscraper Hotel!

christmas at keio plaza hotel tokyo
What would you say to staying in a 45-year-old grand dame situated right in the heart of Tokyo city? Well, together with my family, I had the pleasure of spending couple of nights in Tokyo’s first skyscraper hotel serving the global community since June 5, 1971 – the Keio Plaza Hotel ( 京王プラザホテル )!

Consisting of 2 towers, Keio Plaza Hotel offers both leisure and business travellers a choice of 1,437 rooms, boasting 16 restaurants and 9 bars, 38 banquet rooms and 3 wedding chapels, an outdoor sky pool, fitness room, and even a clinic, all under one roof!

Just like a grandeur standing tall, the 47-floor hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo’s most accessible transport hub, the Shinjuku Bus Station and Shinjuku Train Station. Flamboyant chandeliers adorned with dazzling Christmas tree illuminated with hues of blue greeted us at the hotel’s main lobby upon our arrival; it was certainly a welcoming sight! Isn’t it such an eye-candy?

character hotels keio plaza tokyo hello kitty rooms
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2014: Hello Kitty Princess Room

singapore lifestyle blogger keio plaza tokyo metropolitan tower
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2016: Plaza Deluxe Room
This would be my second time staying at Keio Plaza Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Japan’s bustling capital. My first was a very different experience, one that's totally out of this world. So I am really pleased to be back again, trying their new Plaza Deluxe Room which was renovated just last spring.
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Coral Expeditions’ Flag Ship Multi-Million-Dollar Facelift!

south east asia cruise ships coral expedition deals
Coral Expeditions’ flagship Coral Discoverer has just completed a refurbishment ahead of its inaugural South East Asia expeditions, commencing 25 November 2016.

The ship, which has concluded its dry dock in Singapore, has received a multi-million-dollar facelift, incorporating the addition of six Bridge Deck Balcony Staterooms, the first on any Coral Expeditions vessel. The remaining 30 staterooms have received full upgrades to bathroom fixtures, soft furnishings and artwork. The intimate expedition character of the ship that guests have come to love, has been maintained.

Mark Fifield, Coral Expeditions Group General Manager said, "Our inaugural Asia season is the perfect opportunity to welcome guests to a new chapter for our company. The Coral Discoverer was built to very high standards in Australia and this refit has ensured she remains the most comfortable small expedition ship afloat today."
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Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort, DisneySea 15th Anniversary

tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary christmas wishes
Discover the magic of Disney with all your favourite Disney Characters coming alive at Tokyo Disney Resort ( 東京ディズニーリゾート )! A totally integrated entertainment destination, Japan's first " theme resort " Tokyo Disney Resort comprises of two theme parks - the Tokyo DisneySea Park ( 東京ディズニーシー ), and the Tokyo Disneyland Park (東京ディズニーランド ), bringing dreams and magic of Disney family entertainment to Japan.

tokyo disneysea fireworks sky high wishes christmas tree
Christmas-themed special events, programs and activities await you at Tokyo DisneySea Park, Tokyo Disneyland Park, the Disney Hotels, the Disney Resort Line and Ikspiari from now till 25 December 2016, and as part of its “ Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes ” celebration, Tokyo DisneySea will offer its annual special event “ Christmas Wishes ”.

walt disney california disneyland donald duck
I have always been a Disney girl as a child and had embarked on a solo trip to Disneyland Resort in California in 1985 at the age of 20. Oh yes, I travelled all the way to USA just to meet my favourite Disney characters! Disney is a place where dreams come true! You can imagine the excitement and back then, it was a big thing for someone to travel so far alone unlike these days. Thereafter, I visited Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland on numerous occasions, and not forgetting Disneyland Paris. Now I am left with Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Shanghai Disney Resort, and of course the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii to complete my Disney therapy!

My last visit to Tokyo DisneySea was probably more than a decade ago when it first opened. So I was really looking forward to this trip, and certainly thrilled to be part of the “ Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes ” celebration!

Located adjacent to the popular Tokyo Disneyland Park on the shores of Tokyo Bay, DisneySea is themed to the myths and legends of the sea. The Park features seven distinct themed ports, and it is designed as a world filled with adventure, romantic stories, discovery, and fun, where adventure and imagination set sail.

singapore lifestyle blogger tokyo disneysea family adventure
The instant we stepped into Tokyo DisneySea, we left all our worries behind and transformed into big kids overwhelmed with excitement, entering into a world of fairytale. My family and I, like many others, have always been fascinated with theme parks. Hubby and son love the rides especially roller coasters, and the rides in Tokyo DisneySea appeal to almost all ages; there is something for everyone and that’s the magic of Disney Resort.

singapore lifestyle influencer tokyo disney resort media pass
Our day at Tokyo DisneySea started at 9am, meeting the resort’s representative to collect our Disney park tickets followed by a media briefing, and we were off to Mediterranean Harbor for a special event to watch “ A Perfect Christmas “ ( パーフェクト・クリスマス ).
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Winners of Luxury Haven’s Handmade Beaded Handicrafts!

luxury haven giveaway winners handmade jewellery hello kitty
The results are out! Who are the readers picked to receive my mom’s handmade accessories? Are you the lucky 2 to walk away with the top prizes?

Thanks for your entries at Int’l Giveaway: Win Handmade Crafts by 87-Year-Old Granny, with a total of 495 entries!

As mentioned in the Giveaway post, 3 special items were reserved to these few awesome followers of Luxury Haven who have been sharing our posts in Facebook, and they got to pick the items before the draw:
  • Jenny Gen - Pink Doggie Charm
  • Anne Lim - Hello Kitty Charm
  • Sharon Ngoh – Goldfish Charm
Keep your love and sharing coming! Luxury Haven loves rewarding our readers! Well, here’s announcing the winners to our giveaway………….
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Hilton Tokyo Bay Review, Disney Resort Official Hotel!

disney resort official hotels hilton tokyo bay review
Offering spectacular views of the oceanic Tokyo Bay with endless horizon is Hilton Tokyo Bay ( ヒルトン東京ベイ ), one of Tokyo Disney Resort’s official hotels.

tokyo disneyland resort gateway station map
Conveniently located within the Tokyo Disney Resort, Hilton Tokyo Bay makes it so easy to explore the two theme parks – namely Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, as well as the Ikspiari Mall with 4 floors of fashion outlets and restaurants.

japan holiday hilton tokyo bay promotion
Sporting a capacious chic lobby, Hilton Tokyo Bay welcomes you with its 823 modish rooms and plush amenities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centre and gymnasium, spa and massage services etc. Guests can choose from a variety of rooms ranging from 35m² to 80m² with a choice of either Disney Park or Tokyo Bay views, which means that every guest room will have a great view.

luxury haven lifestyle blog hilton tokyo bay review
As we checked into the elegant contemporary property surrounded by greenery for my week-long vacation, we were instantly drawn into Hilton Tokyo Bay's spacious spanking new look as the hotel was given a face lift from 2008 – 2015; everything looks so clean and neat.
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Bitter Gourd with Minced Pork in Black Bean Sauce ( 苦瓜炒肉碎豆䜴 )

fragrant bitter gourd with minced pork black bean
Do you crave for home-cooked food whenever you are back from a trip? Well, I always do. After spending a week in Tokyo, I longed for some local cuisines like our homely Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd with Minced Pork in Black Bean Sauce ( 苦瓜炒肉碎豆䜴 ).

fuying mushroom olives recipe with bitter gourd
I have discovered an interesting ingredient recently, and adding that to this dish brings the hot favourite bitter gourd dish to a whole new level. These Preserved Olive Vegetable with Mushrooms and Black Beans are getting really popular of late, and are easily available in local supermarkets. They come in bottles that can be stored in the refrigerator, and are great with porridge on lazy days.

Well, what I did was I fried these Preserved Olives in Black Beans till crispy to go with my bitter gourd dish and they are a perfect combination! If you don’t take pork, simply replace it with Minced Chicken and they taste just as good! Let’s put on your apron and come with me into the kitchen!
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Instagram Shots in DisneySea, Keio Plaza, Hilton Tokyo Bay

instagram worthy spots tokyo disneysea arabian coast
Hey guys, I am back from Tokyo after spending a week there with my family! Boy, the weather there was chilly. It was at a comfortable level hovering at around 15°C in the first two days, but dropped to 8°C! Nonetheless, the warm hospitality received from the good people at Tokyo DisneySea, Keio Plaza Hotel and Hilton Tokyo Bay was extremely welcoming, keeping the cold at bay.

Tokyo offers many nice spots for Instagrammers to explore, and here are some which I had spotted during my stay in the Land of the Rising Sun.

singapore travel blogger tokyo disneysea adventure
singapore travel blogger tokyo disneysea arabian coast instagram
Arabian Coast
Tokyo DisneySea ( 東京ディズニーシー ), Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Bet you didn’t know DisneySea could be so charming! If you are planning to go to Japan, make Tokyo Disney Resort one of your must-visit destinations, offering you both the Disneyland and DisneySea Theme Parks in one location!
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Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Potted Plant Ice Cream Desserts

haagen dazs salted caramel potted plant desserts
I am not sure about you, but these Potted Plant Desserts seem to drive me wild. They are probably the cutest food art I have ever seen, and the people who started this craze are just ingenious, don’t you think so?

luxury haven cooking foie gras penne seafood soup
Well, I had a guest over for lunch some time back and I had prepared a simple 3-course Italian meal for her. We had Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread, Golden Goose Liver Foie Gras Penne in Emborg Cream Sauce, and Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Potted Plant Ice Cream for our dessert.

valentines day haagen dazs salted caramel potted plants
My guest was so impressed although it took almost no effort to make these “ plants “. Cute, aren't they? Come, let’s check out how easy it is to make these pretty desserts!
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Get the Best Out of Shopping With the Handy Mobile App

singapore online shopping app amperkz lifestyle
Nothing can compare to the feeling of a good mall experience. Whether you are splurging for clothes, eating your heart out, or enjoying films, events and entertainment; there is always fun to be found in malls. And you know what? There is no place quite like AsiaMalls. They offer six one-of-a-kind shopping malls in Singapore and has become favourite stops of shopaholics both locally and abroad.

download asiamalls mobile app amperkz lifestyle
But do you know that it is the only place that allows for a personalised mall experience? Introducing the AsiaMalls mobile app, AMperkz Lifestyle! You can take a photo of your shopping receipts, earn points for each dollar that you have spent, and convert it to e-vouchers!

The mobile app has been improving constantly since its release. Let us see what other benefits we can get from the AMperkz app.

Always be on the lookout for the best shops and dining places for you
AMperkz Lifestyle wants to create a more personalised mall experience for you by recommending restaurants, stores, and other shops that cater to your taste and needs. All you need to do is to share your interests with the app. You can also receive notifications of their latest promotions and mall events.

You get to know if there is parking space still available
There is nothing more annoying than dressing up and going out to have a good time and then finding out there is no parking for you. With the AMperkz Lifestyle app, you can easily get real-time updates of available carpark lots so you can plan your day better.
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AladdinStreet.com.sg, Online Halal & Premium Goods eShopping

singapore online shopping aladdinstreet halal food muslim cosmetics
If you have been having difficulties searching for Halal products online, your woes may be finally over with the launch of AladdinStreet.com.sg, the first and only eCommerce platform that is focused on premium quality and halal certified products in Singapore.

singapore halal eshopping aladdinstreet featured brands

To date in just 3 months, Aladdinstreet.com.sg has on-boarded more than 80 merchants offering over 1,000 SKUs/products with many more currently undergoing business and halal integrity audit prior to final approval to list on Aladdinstreet.com.sg. Owned by Muslims and non-Muslims, these halal-friendly and halal- certified businesses range from F & B providers, vitamins, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion and other services.

Aladdinstreet.com ( International e-platform ) to be launched at the end 2016, aims to be amongst the world’s top 10 most profitable e-commerce portals and the world number one exclusive premium quality products & HALAL compliant e-platform in the near future.
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Golden Goose Liver Foie Gras Penne in Emborg Cream Sauce

golden goose liver foie gras penne emborg cream
Creamy Penne enveloped in a robust goose liver sauce is what you will get from this home-cooked pasta dish. Whet your appetite as you spoon mouthfuls of these cylinder-shaped tubes with cheesy sausages to fill your gourmet desire.

golden goose liver foie gras creamy mushroom penne
Tease your palates; dress it up with that superfluous dollop of goose liver. Let your guests have the option of mixing the Foie Gras bits with the pasta or gobble up the extra toppings.

mouth watering foie gras pasta golden-goose liver
Cooked al dente, the hollow center and ridges allow the penne to hold the creamy mushroom and goose liver sauce making the dish even tastier. Are you tempted to try cooking this Golden Goose Liver Foie Gras Penne in Emborg Cream Sauce?
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Int’l Giveaway: Win Handmade Crafts by 87-Year-Old Granny!

luxury haven international giveaway swarovski beaded handicrafts
Hey sunshine, I will be away in Tokyo for a week on a media trip but I have prepared a giveaway during my absence and it is Open to All Worldwide!

For those who have been following Luxury Haven and my Facebook Page will know that my 87-year-old mum is a huge fan of beaded handicrafts, and some of you may have already won some of the pretty items in one of our few giveaways previously.

luxury haven diy hello kitty handicrafts by grandma
My mom is always busy with her handicrafts and the stuff you are seeing in this photo are just some of which she has made for my friends. Well, she has made more during her free time, and we will be giving away 19 items in total! There are bangles, handbag / mobile phone accessories, couple of display items, plus top prizes of a mobile phone hand-carry pouch and a tissue case! Nothing expensive really, but if you appreciate cute stuff, why don’t try your hands in winning one of them?

instagram giveaway beautiful swarovski crystal accessories
This giveaway is not just for ladies. Guys, come and join in the fun and win one for your girlfriend, wife or daughters too! All you need to do is Subscribe to Luxury Haven via Email, and tag your friends in social media. That’s it, and you are on your way to getting one of these lovely crafts!
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Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary Celebration, Here I Come!

disneyland tokyo media trip hilton keio plaza
Hey folks, I will off to Japan again for a week to check out the Tokyo DisneySea Theme Park and couple of awesome hotels, sharing with you my adventure when I get back. This time, I have the privilege of travelling together with my family, courtesy of Tokyo Disney Resort, Hilton Tokyo Bay and Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo!

A Little About These Properties:

natas travel fair tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary events
Tokyo DisneySea ( 東京ディズニーシー )
Starting from November 8 through December 25, 2016, Tokyo Disney Resort will host a variety of Christmas-themed special events, programs and activities at Tokyo DisneySea Park, Tokyo Disneyland Park, the Disney Hotels, the Disney Resort Line and Ikspiari, and I am so glad to be part of this Christmassy event!
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Bintan Nelayan Beachfront Bar & Seafood Dining Review

bintan resorts nelayan beachfront bar seafood restaurant review
Boasting an exquisite backdrop that opens out to the South China Sea and the neighbouring Riau islands, Nelayan Beachfront Bar and Seafood Restaurant ( previously known as Rice ) marks a desirable dining venue for almost any occasion.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan seafood restaurant review
Perched on the magnificent Pasir Panjang Beach in Bintan Lagoon Resort, Nelayan presents diners with alfresco seating options dining under starry skies or in air-conditioned comfort.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan beachfront bar waterfall feature
bintan lagoon resort nelayan beachfront bar review
Be welcomed by a cascading waterfall feature enhancing the entrance of the beachfront restaurant as you arrive. Your appetite inkling begins with the welcoming long bar fronting the restaurant, suggesting the perfect gambit for a glass of icy cold beer, or perhaps their mocktails and house pours. Tantalizing culinary delights offering both Western and Indonesian cuisines await you as you unwind in the charismatic beauty of the beachfront restaurant.
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