Get Shiny Hair with L'Oreal Colours and Redken Treatments!

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Do not let your age shows through your hair! Make sure you give your crowning glory the best treatments they deserve. While frequent dyeing and bleaching can damage your hair, just touching up your roots not only save you some money but also helps patch up those unsightly contrasts.

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Touch up those grey hairs or when your highlights start growing out, and hair that stick out like a broomstick is a no-no so get yourself a good hair treatment too. If you are not sure whether it is time to touch up or colour your hair, follow this rule of thumb - colour your hair after every 3 touch ups.

It was one of those regular visits to Clover Hair Boutique to have my hair done - hair cut, touch up roots, and have an intensive hair treatment. I love how Daniel ( Assistant Manager ) takes care of my hair.

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Pix Credit: Clover Hair Boutique, Her World Magazine
I have rather good feedback from readers who took advantage of the 15% readers' discount and other promos to have their hair fixed at Clover, and their prices are pretty reasonable noting that the salon is frequently styling for magazines.
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Daiso Steamed Cakes with Chocolate Chips, $2 Muffins ( 蒸发糕 )

daiso hello kitty steamed cake with chocolate chips
8 Muffins for just $2, anyone? Well, here's my latest little experiment - Daiso Steamed Cake with Chocolate Chips ( 蒸发糕 )!

daiso steamed cake mixture recipe
Not sure if Daiso ( ダイソー ), the large franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan is available in your country, but I love shopping at the $2 outlets in Singapore. Occasionally, you will find some good buys like this Daiso Steamed Cake Mixture ( ダイソーの蒸しパンミックス ) which is definitely worth trying.

hello kitty plates tasty chocolate steamed muffins
The Steamed Cakes are commonly known as Huat Kueh in the Hokkien dialect. Well, these Chinese Muffins need no baking at all and they are ready in just minutes! This is really a no-brainer job; just follow the instructions on the packaging and you are set to go!
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Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra All-Inclusive Luxury Lodge

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With the first Singapore Airlines direct flight taking off from Singapore to Canberra on 20 September, plan for a unique stay in Australia’s capital with the ultimate animal encounter at the National Zoo and Aquarium’s luxury accommodation offering, Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

canberra jamala wildlife lodge jungle bungalow bath
Just 10 minutes from the centre of Canberra, Australia’s only combined zoo and aquarium offers visitors an all-inclusive luxury lodge experience with behind-the-scenes tours and animal encounters. Bathe while a bear grazes on the other side of the window, relax on your lounge while looking into the face of a lion, feed the giraffes or get ready for dinner while sharks swim by.

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National Zoo and Aquarium founder and owner Richard Tindale said Jamala visitors had the chance to relax in five-star African-inspired accommodation hubs while experiencing close encounters with the resident wildlife. “The aim here is to try and get people immersed in the world of wildlife in a luxurious and fairly unique surrounding,” he said.
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Japanese-Style Teriyaki Pork with Sesame Seeds ( 豚肉照り焼き )

japanese style teriyaki pork with sesame seeds
Instead of using the standard sauce to marinate your meat, why not try using teriyaki sauce to add some elements to your dish? Tickle your taste buds with this Japanese-Style Teriyaki Pork with Sesame Seeds ( 豚肉照り焼き ) in just 3 easy steps! For easy preparation, I bought the PorKee Frozen Lean Pork available in local supermarkets which comes all nicely sliced.

japanese recipes teriyaki pork with arugula
Each bite into the succulent meat returned with a sweet and tangy flavour that whetted our appetite, and the combination of Ginger, Mirin and Garlic, with a touch of sweetness from the Teriyaki and Dark Soy Sauce makes it a great dish to go with a bowl of fragrant rice. If you are not into pork, substitute with chicken instead.
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Joseph Schooling, Singapore's First Olympic Gold Champion!

joseph schooling singapore olympic gold champion
Pix Credit: The Online Citizen
We may be just a little red dot in the world map, but we did it! Yes, it's a GOLD!

For the international readers, in case you haven't heard, Singapore won her first ever Olympic gold medal on Saturday! Congratulations Joseph Schooling, you have done us all proud by winning the 100m butterfly event at Rio 2016, beating American great Michael Phelps! I guess this makes a great gift as the nation celebrates her 51st Birthday! Happy Birthday, Singapore!

channel news asia reuters joseph schooling michael phelps
Pix Credit: Channel News Asia
Joseph Schooling Meeting His Idol, Michel Phelps - 8 Years Ago and Now

I am usually not into sports, but this is a historical event that's too good not to share as the nation rejoices! Butterfly specialist Joseph Schooling, clinched his first Olympic Gold medal at the 100m butterfly event on Aug 13 by setting a new Olympic record of 50.39 seconds! It is also the first ever gold medal by a Southeast Asian male swimmer!
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Aromatherapy: 10 Important Essential Oils for Your Home

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Today, we are pleased to have Adeline Lim, founder of Nila Singapore, guest posting and sharing with us the Importance of Essential Oils for our home.

nila aromatherapy bar founder adeline lim
The vivacious Adeline, who believes in constantly upgrading herself, has just returned from Provence in France for an aromatherapy course. To ensure that her customers are provided with the best for their personal well-being, Adeline completed her diplomas in Aromatherapy and Holistic Skincare Products at The School of Natural Health Science in the United Kingdom. All courses by the School of Natural Health Science are accredited by The International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM). She also completed an advanced certificate seminar on Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology with renowned Robert Tisserand.

Guest Post by Adeline:
At Nila, we strongly believe that essential oils are nature’s gift to mankind. Such is the importance of essential oils that every home should have a basic “essential oil kit”, used as natural disinfections, air purifiers and fresheners, prevention of disease and infection, relaxation, and treatment of minor ailments.

What are essential oils? They are, in essence, aromatic oils extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, as well as the roots of grasses, plants, and trees.

Essential oils are extremely powerful, and are to be treated with respect. Always remember that “more is less” when using them!

I love all my oils, as they each are unique and have specific characteristics, properties and uses. However, if I had to choose only ten oils, I would choose the following oils as must-haves in my home.

Most of the oils I have chosen come with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, to be used in lieu of the many chemicals we use in our homes today. For topical application, please dilute with unscented serum, lotion, cream or oil.
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Unicurd Tau Kwa with Ikan Bilis and Taucheo ( 黄豆干炒江鱼仔 )

unicurd yellow tau kwa ikan bilis taucheo recipes
Tau Kwa is the Chinese name for Bean Curd, and the Yellow Tau Kwa has a rich beany taste as it is made from 100% premium soya beans. You can easily find the Unicurd Yellow Tau Kwa in local supermarkets like NTUC, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, and Unicurd also carries the Black Tau Kwa.

high in protein bean curd with ikan bilis
Firm in texture and high in protein, the yellow bean curd makes a great dish when fried with Anchovies and Taucheo Paste. This savoury Unicurd Tau Kwa with Ikan Bilis and Taucheo ( 黄豆干炒江鱼仔 ) dish is perfect to go with a bowl of nice plain porridge, and you can add some red cut chillies to spice it up too!
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Nila Essence Body and Skincare Products with Essential Oils!

nila essence paraben free body skincare tranquil reviews
Known for their plethora of Pure Essential Oils, Nila Aromatherapy Bar also carries a Body and Skin Care Line - the Nila Essence. Free of parabens and fragranced With 100% pure essential oils is what Nila's customers raved about!

Bath time has now become even more relaxing and delightful with Nila Essence's range of aromatic products. I love how the fragrance fills my bathroom with each scrub and wash. For an added scent and health benefits, you can even diffuse essential oils during your shower.

aromatherapy essential oils nila essence tranquil scrub sale
One of my favourite products is undoubtedly the Nila Essence Tranquil Scrub ( 300g ) SGD 50. It is a richly emollient scrub, formulated with apricot seeds and micro exfoliates that promotes deep cleansing and polishes rough surface skin cells to reveal brighter and healthier skin.

paraben free nila essence tranquil scrub review
As a frequent spa-goer, I make it a point to scrub my body once a week and especially before a body massage session. I prefer to do it at home as it can be freezing lying in an air-conditioned room with the therapist slowly working through your body. It is a good habit to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to get rid of those dead skin cells, leaving your skin nice and smooth.
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Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Rocket Salad Recipe

extra virgin olive oil benefits rocket salad recipe
Olive oil is rich in various antioxidants, and lowers the levels of cholesterol. I have switched to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my cooking for many years now, and if you have been following my recipes, you will know that I usually call for Olive Oil instead of the normal cooking oil.

giuseppe cremonini extra virgin olive oil balsamic vinegar
The Giuseppe Cremonini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for dressing, cooking and baking, and adds that extra touch to a simple pasta dish or pizza. For salad dressings or bread dips, I like to pair my Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

hello kitty tableware wild rocket salad bacon eggs
The balsamic vinegar is a bitter-sweet condiment obtained from cooked or concentrated grape must and wine vinegar, capable of enhancing the taste of any dish.

Recent interesting research works have confirmed that Balsamic Vinegar contains polyphenols, and it is noted that high polyphenol content has antioxidant effects, helps eliminate free radicals in blood and has the potential to protect against heart disease.

healthy arugula salad with sunflower seeds
This wonderfully scented Rocket Salad with Bacon Bits and Eggs in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar makes this a great healthy breakfast treat for the family. You will love the extra crunch coming from the chopped onions which are known to reduce inflammation and heal infections for centuries. Plus, Sunflower Seeds are a great source of vitamins and minerals too!
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SK-II Magic Ring Test: GenOptics Whitening Skincare Results

stay spotless with skii genoptics whitening skincare
Sometime ago, I talked about the new SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence to tackle spots and skin clouds before they surface, and the GenOptics Spot Essence, SK-II’s latest spot reducing serum!

skii magic ring find out your skin age
To see results, it would take about eight weeks of continuous use of the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence, and six weeks of continuous use of the SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence. During this period, I had stopped my laser treatments for pigmentation completely just for this test. I also took the Magic Ring Analysis before and after the usage. So how did it fair? How well did these whitening skincare products work on my skin?
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Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish, A Tasty Treat ( 日式香煎鳕鱼 )

japanese pan fried gindara teriyaki lunch set reviews
Being a fan of Cod Fish, I try to cook the gourmet fish in different styles. Smooth and flaky white flesh is what makes Cod Fish so irresistible even for someone like me who does not enjoy eating fish.

teriyaki sweet peppers salad mizkan mirin rice wine
A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 annd B6, the Fresh Norwegian Cod Fish ( 鳕鱼 ) is a highly sought-after dish in both Asian and Western Restaurants. This time, I decided to go Japanese and paired the Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish ( 日式香煎鳕鱼 ) with a delectable colourful mix of Sweet Peppers, Japanese Cucumber, Tomatoes and Lemon.
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Redken Intensive Hair Treatment at Clover Hair Boutique

clover redken intensive hair treatment review
Set a date and get your personalised scalp and hair thickening therapy at Clover Hair Boutique, which begins in-salon with a consultation with Clover's hairdressers, allowing them to check the condition of your hair and recommend the best suited hair and scalp treatment for you.

singapore top hair salons far east plaza
I am a fan of their Redken Intensive Hair and Scalp Treatment. If you are ever in the salon, please look for Daniel, Clover's Assistant Manager. You will love his massage technique and he is so knowledgeable! I have to admit Daniel is by far the best scalp therapist I have ever come across, and I have always enjoyed my scalp sessions with him.

What's more? Readers of Luxury Haven get 15% off all hair services!
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30-Minute Meal: Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )

delicious salted egg kau kee soup recipes
chinese cooking kow kee chye thorns
Spelled as Kau Kee Cai or Kow Kee Chye ( 九杞菜 ), these Wolfberry Leaves have thorns that will hurt you if you are not careful enough, but the highly nutritious vegetables are known to give you good eyesight!

salted egg yolk recipes wolfberry leaves kau kee
The tasty Egg-Drop Soup with a combination of Chicken Egg and Salted Duck Egg, makes this a dish worth craving for. Try this easy-cooking 30-Minute Meal this weekend and fall in love with this Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )!
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