Year of the Rooster: Celebrate Love & Prosperity at Sentosa

sentosa lunar new year walkabout characters
Usher in the Lunar New Year and celebrate love this springtime with your family, friends and loved ones at Sentosa! The State of Fun welcomes guests with Love in Springtime ( 爱在春季 ) - a series of exciting festivities, auspicious promotions, and fun activities from 21 January to 26 February, including FREE island admission and cable car rides for guests born in the Year of the Rooster!

sentosa year of rooster zodiac lanterns
Love in Springtime brings together two of the biggest occasions in Chinese and Western cultures – Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. Areas including Palawan Green, Merlion Plaza and Beach Plaza will turn into a festive playground of lights, entertainment and activities for everyone, with a captivating showcase of 12 Zodiac lanterns at Palawan Green, each stylised to tell heart-warming love stories.

The highlights also include Merlion Magic Lights! as well as a concert beside the beach on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, featuring well-known folk songs by active members from the 1980s local music scene.

That’s not all! Special promotions from Festive Bundles (福袋) to lucky draws for Mastercard cardholders are in store for guests of all ages, including families and children!

year of rooster celebrate love prosperity at sentosa
“Love in Springtime celebrates togetherness, love, and wishes for a bountiful year – ideals that transcend cultures. Our line-up of activities offers both traditional and unconventional options for those seeking a fun-filled spring celebration of love. The festivities provide great opportunities for families and friends to come together and celebrate in The State of Fun. As we march into the year of the Rooster, we wish our guests a year of luck, prosperity and good health,” said Ms Agatha Yap, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sentosa Development Corporation.
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Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 )

cny golden ingot pumpkin rice with goose liver
Even if you are not a fan of pumpkins, you will learn to appreciate this healthy and delicious Pumpkin Rice filled with tasty ingredients. Previously featured in LiveWell Magazine, and online sites such as OpenRice and OMY-食天堂Eat, this dish is a family favourite as well as topping my guests’ list.

singapore food blog foie gras pumpkin rice recipe
The previous version you have seen in my old post was a darker one as I had added dark soy sauce and the ingredients are slightly different. For this Chinese New Year dish, I had also added Chinese Sausage and topped with the luxurious Goose Liver. Serving my Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 ), don’t you think this simple dish is fit for the Emperior?
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Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque Now At EHA Skincare!

eha clinic skinceuticals phyto corrective masque
Clinically tested post-procedure to effectively reduce visual redness, discomfort, and heat, the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque is now available at both EHA Clinic and EHA Skincare located in Shaw Centre, Scotts Road.

skinceuticals phyto corrective masque blogger event
Retailing at SGD 89 for 60ml, the intensive calming botanical masque contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to intensively soothe and replenish temporary skin reactivity.

luxury haven eha clinic aesthetic dr elias tam
I was at the EHA Skincare Media Event last month, and with me is Dr Elias Tam, founder of EHA Clinic. With strings of achievements under his belt, Dr Tam is a also a speaker on the international circuit of Aesthetic Medicine conferences and seminars, as well as at the forefront of developing and testing hi-tech and innovative aesthetic procedures – with particular expertise in follicular hair extraction techniques for hair transplants, and facial skin therapies.
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CNY Prosperity Fatt Choy with Baby Abalones Recipe ( 发财金鮑仔 )

chinese new year fatt choy fortune baby abalones
Fatt Choy ( 发菜 ) aka Black Moss is a very popular ingredient during the Chinese New Year period due to its homonym sounding like Fa Cai ( 发财 ), meaning Prosperity.

stir fried baby bok choy with abalones
The black moss becomes soft when immersed in liquid, absorbing the accompanied sauces, turning into a flavourful vegetable dish.

chinese new year fatt choy fortune abalone recipe
Paired with Baby Abalones ( 鲍鱼 ) on with a bed of Baby Bok Choy ( 小白菜 ) and Goji Berries ( 枸杞 ), the colourful contrast from the different ingredients is astounding, and the dish is mouth-watering. Hope you will have fun cooking this CNY Prosperity Fatt Choy with Baby Abalones ( 发财金鮑仔 )!
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Rock Your Chinese New Year With These Hair & Beauty Deals!

chinese new year hair beauty deals promotion
Hey gorgeous, are you ready to rock the Chinese New Year? Luxury Haven has rounded up these hair and beauty deals for you this festive season.

Whether you are going to colour, straighten / perm your hair, pamper yourself with an anti-ageing facial, or purchase a skincare product to boost your skin, simply Quote LUXURY HAVEN to get special prices just for our followers! There's something for everyone!
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Hock Hua Tiger King Australia Wild Blacklip Abalone Salad

hockhua abalone salad caviar edamame
Happy New Year, and hope you had a great festive celebration! I would like to take this opportunity thank you guys for being so awesome and supportive all these years. 2016 was another great year for Luxury Haven except that we were hit by Google Penguin, and it took us months to finally get it resolved. Phew!

The setback, our Alexa Ranking went from 150K to the current 370K, which means our ranking dropped by more than half! I do hope that 2017 will be a better year for all of us, and we are definitely looking forward to climbing back to our Alexa Ranking of 150K again, so keep your love and sharing going cause we definitely can’t do it without your help. Of course, we will also work hard to bring you more tasty recipes and great product reviews in 2017. So do subscribe to our free newsletter via email if you haven’t, to receive our latest contents in your mailbox.

hock hua tiger king australia abalone japanese edamame
I am starting the first recipe of the year with this Delicious Australia Wild Blacklip Abalone Salad with Caviar! Using the Tiger King Australia Wild Blacklip Abalone from HockHua Tonic ( 福華補品 澳洲野生黑边鲍鱼 ), the Black Lip Abalone is the most popular abalone species in Australia, with the main harvesting area in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia.

christmas party food abalone caviar salad recipe
It was one of those Christmas deliveries that I had made for a group of special people. For the egglicious salad, I had experimented with Edamame, a popular side dish commonly found in Japanese Izakaya restaurants. The result is a refreshing tasty treat with crunchy bites. Put them into muffin cups, they make great party food!
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IN:FUSE Event by JETRO at CulinaryOn Cooking Studio

jetro japan external trade organization japanese premium food
As part of continued efforts to promote safe and healthy Japanese food for export, the Japan External Trade Organization ( JETRO ) organized a one-day showcase of Japanese ingredients at CulinaryOn Cooking Studio recently.

luxury haven jetro infuse culinaryon giuseppe dangelo
Hair By: Clover Hair Boutique
CulinaryOn Brand Chef Giuseppe D’Angelo

jetro infuse culinaryon summer palace executive chef liu
Summer Palace Executive Chef Liu Ching Hai
IN:FUSE saw participation by 10 Japanese food suppliers from different Japanese prefectures, who are looking to explore partnerships in Singapore. The event featured renowned chefs Liu Ching Hai, Executive Chef of Summer Palace and Giuseppe D’Angelo, brand chef of CulinaryOn, whipping up delectable creations that will fuse Japanese ingredients into their traditional style of cooking.
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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland Italian Luminarie

gardens by bay christmas wonderland spalliera castel lights
The Spalliera Castel del Monte, South East Asia’s Largest Light Sculpture
Christmas Wonderland 2016
Organised by Blue Sky Events, Christmas Wonderland opens to the public till 1 January 2017, from 3.30pm – 11pm daily. Local and international visitors can look forward to a myriad of yuletide activities, retail and dining options as well as the signature Luminarie light sculptures nestled across an expanded 57,000 sqm festival ground.

gardens by the bay christmas wonderland spalliera
Aerial Views – The Spalliera at Christmas Wonderland 2016
Visitors to the fair can embark on a festive journey and marvel at 67 Italian Luminarie – Sculptures of Light, a mainstay of the event. New experiences await visitors of all ages, from wintry fun at the Ice Palace to the local debut of the Hi-5 Funtastic House. Explore the Festive Market for a diverse variety of shopping and dining options from one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts to traditional nibbles and check out the massively popular carnival games and rides throughout the Fairground.
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Hilton Tokyo Bay Livista: Grand Phyto Nature Spa Review

grand phyto nature hilton tokyo bay review
Incorporated by Claire Relaxation and Therapy, Grand Phyto Nature ( グラン フィト ナチュール ) at Hilton Tokyo Bay ( ヒルトン東京ベイ ) brings you phytotherapy, a science-based medical practice based on the study of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance.

Indulge in a synergistic approach to health-care by highly-trained therapists, using special-blend oil to stimulate and strengthen our body system.

beauty blogger reviews grand phyto nature hilton tokyo
I enjoy having body massages during my vacations too as they encourage better circulation as well as to help relax my mind and body. Thanks to Hilton Tokyo Bay, a spa session was arranged for me and my family at their Grand Phyto Nature Spa to ease away any muscle tension and stiffness from our body.
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Goose Liver Foie Gras Recipes Round-Up For Christmas!

christmas goose liver foie gras recipes round up
Foie gras is regarded as a luxury gourmet dish made of duck or goose liver. As Christmas is approaching, Luxury Haven has lined up a list of Foie Gras Recipes for home cooks to dress up their festive table. Do you know that the French delicacy is so famous that it is even protected as an object of national culture in France?

hungarian golden goose liver pate foie gras recipe
fauchon foie gras rougie goose liver recipe
Well, below is a round-up of Foie Gras recipes mainly using Golden Goose Liver from Hungary, Fauchon and Rougie from France. Be sure you share and save these mouth-watering recipes for your festive feasting!

foie gras stuffed chicken merlot red wine recipe
Imagine all the goose liver tucked inside your juicy chicken breast and drenched in a mushroom red wine reduction accompanied by healthy grilled pumpkins.
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Keio Plaza Hotel Soujuan Kaiseki Cuisine Review ( 懐石 蒼樹庵 )

keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki cuisine review
Be welcomed by a distinctive Japanese garden setting as attentive Japanese servers clad in beautiful traditional kimono await you at Soujuan ( Kaiseki Cuisine ) 懐石 < 蒼樹庵 >, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

keio plaza japanese kaiseki experience appreciating lacquer tableware
With an emphasis from fresh seasonal ingredients to tableware, the appreciation of the dining ware is part of the entire kaiseki experience, somewhat similar to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

What Is Kaiseki?
Kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the seasonal sense, combination of “ fruit of mountain and sea ”, colours of food, three-dimensional effect, harmony with serving wares and timing to serve hot dishes, which renders the hospitable mind of Japanese.

keio plaza soujuan kaiseki cuisine japanese birthday menu

During my recent stay at Keio Plaza Hotel, a birthday dinner presenting their Kaiseki Hisago Course ( お祝い懐石 ひさご ) at ¥16,000/pax was arranged for me and my family. * Approx: USD 140/pax. Check out the exquisite dishes prepared in our Celebration Menu:
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Get Your Creative Hair Cut This Christmas From Just $30!

clover hair salon christmas promo short hairstyles
I’m ready for Christmas, are you?

christmas creative haircut by clover hair boutique
clover hair boutique christmas haircut promo
Head over to Clover Hair Boutique now to get your creative hair cut starting from just SGD 30 ( Senior Stylist ) to SGD 80 ( Director )! What’s more? * Simply Quote LUXURY HAVEN for your Special Readers’ Discount of 15% off all hair services!
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Share Food Mobile App Lets You Promote Your Home Cooking!

share food app for singaporeans buy-sell reviews
Singapore home cooks, have you always wanted to display your culinary skills and share your home-cooked food with the people around you? You can now, with Share Food free mobile app for Singaporeans to buy, sell and share home-cooked food!

download share food mobile app for singaporeans

To use this app, simply Cook, Snap and Share! For foodies who are always on the prowl for home-cooked food, you can always find out what is cooking near you and if you spot something that suits your palate and the price is right, simply hit the order button to submit your orders!

share food mobile app buy sell home cooking
Just to give you an example, I picked one of the categories “ Food Near Me “ and found Roti Jala selling at SGD 3.50 per serving, along with other information.
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Dynasty Restaurant Review, Hilton Tokyo Bay’s Shanghai Specialty

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant review japanese bonsai
Speaking of Shanghainese cuisine, the distinctive hotel nestled on the shores of Tokyo Bay offers diners a fine dining experience at their Dynasty Restaurant ( 王朝レストラン ), a modern and sophisticated Chinese restaurant located in the basement of Hilton Tokyo Bay.

Your gastronomic delights begin right from the restaurant’s entrance with grandiose marble flooring and well-manicured bonsai plant welcoming you.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant interior decor
food blogger reviews hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant
With the dining room richly decked out in teak wood complete with oriental elements amid shades of red and black seatings, the restaurant exudes a cozy atmosphere with special charm.

yangcheng lake authentic shanghai hairy crabs review
If you are the indecisive sort, Dynasty’s set menus that come with a selection of ineffaceable seasonal classics thoughtfully prepared by their chef would be just perfect. We were at the right place at the right time, where Hairy Crabs were in season during our stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay. So we opted for their Creative Chinese Course, reasonably priced at ¥8,500 per person. * Approx USD 75/pax.
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Keio Plaza ( 京王プラザホテル ), Tokyo’s First Skyscraper Hotel!

christmas at keio plaza hotel tokyo
What would you say to staying in a 45-year-old grand dame situated right in the heart of Tokyo city? Well, together with my family, I had the pleasure of spending couple of nights in Tokyo’s first skyscraper hotel serving the global community since June 5, 1971 – the Keio Plaza Hotel ( 京王プラザホテル )!

Consisting of 2 towers, Keio Plaza Hotel offers both leisure and business travellers a choice of 1,437 rooms, boasting 16 restaurants and 9 bars, 38 banquet rooms and 3 wedding chapels, an outdoor sky pool, fitness room, and even a clinic, all under one roof!

Just like a grandeur standing tall, the 47-floor hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo’s most accessible transport hub, the Shinjuku Bus Station and Shinjuku Train Station. Flamboyant chandeliers adorned with dazzling Christmas tree illuminated with hues of blue greeted us at the hotel’s main lobby upon our arrival; it was certainly a welcoming sight! Isn’t it such an eye-candy?

character hotels keio plaza tokyo hello kitty rooms
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2014: Hello Kitty Princess Room

singapore lifestyle blogger keio plaza tokyo metropolitan tower
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2016: Plaza Deluxe Room
This would be my second time staying at Keio Plaza Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Japan’s bustling capital. My first was a very different experience, one that's totally out of this world. So I am really pleased to be back again, trying their new Plaza Deluxe Room which was renovated just last spring.
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