PurelyFresh Giveaway + Fragrant Steamed Cod Fish Recipe!

purelyfresh fragrant steamed codfish with crispy ginger recipes
Tender and succulent with flaky white flesh falling apart at the touch of a fork is this Fragrant Steamed Cod Fish with Crispy Ginger and Garlic ( 清蒸鳕鱼 ). With just light soy sauce swirling together with Chinese cooking wine, sugar and sesame oil, the simple concoction amplifies the flavours of the fresh Cod Fish delivered from PurelyFresh Online Grocery Store.

sg50 deals purelyfresh fresh seafood codfish giveaway
Adding crispy ginger and garlic gives texture and visual components without making the gourmet dish heavier or more complicated.

purelyfresh giveaway fragrant steamed codfish recipe
In collaboration with #PurelyFresh, Luxury Haven is pleased to bring to you another yummy giveaway! There will be 3 x SGD 60 PurelyFresh Credits with Free Delivery up for grabs! Will you be one of the lucky 3 to walk away with free grocery shopping?
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Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals Stem Cells Skincare Winners!

fytofontana cosmeceuticals stem cells instant wrinkle eraser review
You have heard about stem cells skincare and those instant wrinkle erasers, you have read about them here and online, and now 3 lucky readers are gonna walk away with these wonderful products from Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals! Are you one of them?
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ShopBack Gives You Voucher Codes To Shop, Plus Cashback!

shopback online shopping voucher codes groupon
Shop till you drop with the latest promotions and voucher codes from over 300 renowned brands online, including Taobao Singapore, Lazada, eBay, Rakuten Singapore and Groupon Singapore! If you are a shopaholic like me who is always sniffing out good deals, then ShopBack is your one-site shop to get all the fantastic coupon deals at your favourite online shops!

shopback sign up bonus refer friends
Plus, ShopBack rewards you for shopping with them! Shoppers will get Cashback from this online shopping site and yes, you are literally getting paid to shop there! Wait, there's more! You will also be given a $5 CASH instant sign-up bonus when you register your first shopping with #ShopBack!
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How To Score Squids To Make Restaurant-Style Calamari

delicious stir fry seafood vegetables recipe
You have seen those beautiful criss-cross patterns on squids when dining in restaurants, but do you know that it is actually not such a difficult task?

Scoring your Squids or Sotong ( 乌贼 ) not only helps to tenderize the seafood, but also makes the calamari curl up nicely when cooked. This post will teach you how to turn home cooked food into restaurant-style dishes with few recipes for you to try!
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EHA Clinic: Take Years Off With Crystal Lift Therapy!

eha clinic visia skin analysis imaging system wrinkles
EHA Clinic launches the exclusive Crystal Lift recently, and if you are one of those in need of a skin booster to help in lifting your sagging skin or lighten your pigmentation, this therapy may be for you.

As we age, our facial muscles naturally begin to lose tone and elasticity, and those tell-tale signs of ageing starts to slither in as I'm hitting the big 5. So Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic suggested that I should try the Crystal Lift as the product works on the superficial layers of the skin causing protein denaturation and the stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

singapore celebrity influencer reviews eha clinic face lift
So I was at the aesthetics clinic sometime middle of this year for the therapy at an interval of 3 weeks apart, completing 4 sessions of my treatment. I am most delighted to share with you my results as well as Complimentary Crystal Lift Neck just for you readers!
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30-Minute Meal: Healthy Bitter Gourd Egg-Drop Soup ( 苦瓜蛋花汤 )

purelyfresh bittergourd egg drop soup recipe
A popular ingredient in the South East Asian cuisine, I have talked about the many goodness of Bitter Gourd aka Bitter Melon in my past posts. The melon is extremely beneficial for the heart in many ways and it helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels as well.

Sadly, many do not take a liking to this melon due to its bitter taste. My teenage son is one example. In order to make him eat bitter gourd, I have tried different ways to disguise the bitterness, and one of the methods is to slice the melon very thinly and add to his favourite egg-drop soup.

healthy bitter melon egg drop soup recipe
This is a no-fuss 30-minute recipe that anyone can cook especially the busy executives who have no time to waste in the kitchen. In fact, it takes less than half an hour to prepare this Healthy Bitter Gourd Egg-Drop Soup ( 苦瓜蛋花汤 ).
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Win Fytofontana Stem Cells Skincare + Instant Wrinkle Eraser!

fytofontana stem cells cosmeceuticals giveaway
Fytofontana Stem Cells Cosmeceuticals incorporate decades of research carried out by Dr. Fiker who also studied Nobel Prize winning research on stem cells by John B. Gurdon and Jamanaka Sinja (2012) and the discovery of the epidermal growth factor by Stanley Cohen (1986). As a result of Dr. Fiker’s research, a unique active complex was born, in which the active substances specifically affect skin renewal in a synergistic manner. The secret of the innovation: the unique combination of TrioStem3 Complex and peptides in the Fytofontana Stem Cells line.

TrioStem3 Complex is a new innovation in cosmetology, that contains human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract. This biotechnology stem cell complex combines the genetic information necessary for the complete renewal of the skin: activation of stem cells, strengthening of the communication between cells and activation of skin renewal.

In order to address all skincare issues, Dr. Fiker added intensive anti-wrinkle and regenerating peptides and other ingredients to his recipe. The result is visible: the skin is transformed and rejuvenated. The Fytofontana Stem Cells Cosmeceuticals contain:
  • Unique TrioStem3 Complex.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide, Heptapeptide and Pentapeptide help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions.
  • Tripeptide 10 Citrulline, Tripeptide-1 and Pseudoalteromonas fermented extract improve the structure of collagen fibers and promote their production.
  • Hyaluronic acid from pure sources, produced via biotechnology helps maintain optimal hydration levels.
  • DMAE helps promote cell regeneration.
fytofontana cosmeceuticals swiss anti wrinkle expert giveaways
Good news for readers of Luxury Haven! We are giving out the Stem Cells Eyecontour, Stem Cells Botu Serum and the Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser Biotechnology Emulsion worth about USD 300 to our readers, and we will be picking 3 lucky ones worldwide! Check out these amazing Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals products from Switzerland, and you may be one of the three to walk away with the prize!
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Georgina's Salon, Your One-Stop Beauty Parlour + 25% Off!

georgina singapore top hair salons for indonesians
Spanning across 2,200 sq ft is Georgina's Salon, nestled in the lush greenery at the Parklane Wing of the 5-star Goodwood Park Hotel in the heart of the shopping belt of Singapore. The entire landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the sunny sky, and I could hear the wind rustling through the leaves as I took a slow walk to the classy hair salon.

promotion georginas salon beauty parlour review
Georgina's Salon is a one-stop fix for your hair, face, body and nails! The discerningly decorated salon offers a full suite of hair and beauty services, from cuts and perms to scalp therapy, using the best products available. Experts are also on hand to offer you luxurious manicure, pedicure and other nail treatments.

singapore one stop beauty hair georginas salon review
With 3 distinct hairstyling sections offering 15 seats, 2 facial rooms, and 1 traditional massage room, the sanctuary is an ideal escape from the tropical heat, making it a relaxing stop-over before setting off for more retail therapy. Now with the 25% off all hair services just for readers of Luxury Haven, isn't it a good time to pamper your hair and scalp?
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Stuffed Mini Pepper Snacks with Philadelphia Cheese and Tuna

stuffed jalapeno snacks with philadelphia cheese tuna
Do you know that sweet pepper is a nutritional powerhouse with a plethora of health benefits and contains more vitamin C than an orange?

stuffed sweet pepper with philadelphia cheese tuna bacon
Stuffed with a mixture of Philadelphia Cheese and Tuna and wrapped with Bacon, these sweet mini peppers make great party snacks.

stuffed japanese cucumber snacks with philadelphia cheese tuna
What's more? For those who prefer an even healthier version, they have the alternative of picking up these refreshing Stuffed Japanese Cucumber Bites with the same tuna mixture topped with Cherry Tomatoes.
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Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals: Swiss Anti-Wrinkle Expert!

singapore beauty influencer reviews rapidoceutical instant wrinkle eraser
( Image with the application of Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser on one side )
Adult stem cell activity deteriorates as we age, and our skin's ability to regenerate is drastically reduced. Count ourselves lucky to be living in the modern world where science and advanced technology exist. Now, with the help from the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, we can easily unlock our Fountain of Youth.

With countless anti-ageing skincare products flooding the market, how will you choose? I guess the trick is finding the right ingredients that work well with your skin. While we can’t turn back the clock, we will need powerful weapons to help us combat against the visible signs of ageing.

fytofontana cosmeceuticals stem cells ceutical cc creams
Well, I am privileged to receive some really awesome skincare products from Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals recently. A division of Herb Pharma AG Switzerland, Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals were developed based on the research of Dr. S. Fiker who also studied the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the epidermal growth factor in 1986 and the research of stem cells. The scientists at Herb Pharma continued his legacy following his recent death. Today, I will be introducing you to the following awesome products:
  • Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Stem Cells Hydro
  • Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser Biotechnology Emulsion
  • CC Ceutical Biotechnology Complete Correction Creams
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Arteastiq Boutique Tea House & Social Art Jam Studio Review!

arteastiq hot oolong osmanthus tea review
Be tantalized by the kaleidoscope of colours and flavours of special concocted teas as they take centre stage at the newly-opened Arteastiq on Level 3 of Plaza Singapura. Well, I wasn't any bit surprised when I indulged in my first sip; after all #Arteastiq is a boutique tea house that has long standing for its critically acclaimed tea and savouries and all-day Breakfast and Brunch at their Mandarin Gallery outlet since 2010.

singapore boutique tea house arteastiq plaza singapura review
Arteastiq has won over taste buds and tea fanatics countrywide since its opening by being the first in Singapore to provide such a luxurious and elaborate tea experience. Besides serving their signature teas, Arteastiq is also out to woo diners with its whimsical menu of dishes made on the spot using only the freshest ingredients.
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EHA Skincare: Derma Collagen and Moisturizing Gel Review

singapore beauty celebrity blogger reviews eha skincare collagen
As our skin experiences natural chronological ageing, the structure begins to deteriorate. Thankfully, lost body collagen can be effectively restored through the right supplements. Just as you would take Calcium for strong bones, Fish Oil for a healthy heart and mind, Vitamin C to boost your immune system, making Collagen part of your dietary supplement will help slow down the signs of ageing.

eha skincare products review derma collagen promotion
Made in Canada, a daily dosage of EHA Derma Collagen not only reinstates the body's lost collagen through ageing, but also stimulates the body's natural collagen production in order to have a healthy and supple skin.
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PurelyFresh Fresh Seafood + Deep-Fried Golden Pomfret Recipe

singapore purely fresh online supermarket pomfret recipes
Everyone of us loves a good surprise, don't we? So when I ordered a Golden Pomfret from #PurelyFresh, a Singapore Online Grocery Store, and got two instead, I was over the moon!

purelyfresh fresh seafood thai style crispy golden pomfret
I used one to cook this Thai-Style Deep-Fried Golden Pomfret ( 泰式香脆金鲳 ), and my family had such an enjoyable meal.

purelyfresh fresh fish thai heritage sweet chilli sauce
The Thai chilli sauce skating around the fish delights the eyes as our teeth sink into the crispy and crunchy fish meat! Yum!

purelyfresh online grocery store fresh pomfret
A sweet handwritten note on my invoice that says, "Today's pomfrets are a bit small, so enjoy 2 instead!" certainly makes my day. Love the smiley face too! Well, that's the kind of service you will get from PurelyFresh, as they always strive to give customers their best.
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