Keio Plaza Hotel: Hinamatsuri Doll Festival Exhibition

keio plaza tokyo hinamatsuri girls dolls festival exhibition
Keio Plaza Hotel ( KPH), one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a special exhibition of traditional Japanese arts entitled “ Enjoying Japan’s Traditional Hinamatsuri Girls’ Doll Festival at Keio Plaza Hotel ” displaying various traditional art ornaments on the third floor lobby of the hotel till March 27, 2017.

This annually held exhibition has been extremely well received by guests, and this year features some 6,500 finely hand woven silk doll decorations, Japanese art items depicting scenes of “ Japanese female culture ” from the Meiji Period ( 1868 to 1912 ), and “ Bonsai ” miniature decorative sculptured plants to give visitors a taste of Japan’s traditional arts representative of the “ Hinamatsuri Doll Festival ”. In addition, ten of their restaurants will serve specially prepared menu items and will be specially decorated to commemorate this celebratory event.

The hanging decorative art ornaments are specially hand stitched by the quilt artist Mitsuyo Matsuo and the some 90 members of her art group expressly for the Keio Plaza Hotel exhibition using finely woven silk cloth from old kimonos. Each of the handiworks has been carefully created for this exhibition and symbolically reflect the hopes for the health and happiness of children. For example, the decorations created for this exhibition have various symbolic meaning such as monkeys with the capability to ward off calamities, mandarin ducks reflecting love between spouses, and pillows representing children who sleep well and grow healthily. Also, traditional wooden Mataro dolls from Kamikamo Shrine in Kyoto will also be displayed along with the 3.3 meter high hanging decorative art ornaments in the third floor main lobby area to welcome guests to their hotel. Guests from around the world are awestruck by the grandeur of this central exhibit, which offers the perfect opportunity for guests to take pictures as memories of this exhibition.
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Calmex Abalone From Mexico, How To Tell It’s Not Counterfeit

ocean garden products calmex abalone salad recipe
Calmex Mexican Abalone ( 墨西哥车轮牌鲍鱼 ) by Ocean Garden Products seems to be one of the world’s finest quality abalones. Apparently, the Calmex abalone is canned with only the best wild abalone from Mexico and quantity is limited, hence the hefty price tag.  But can you tell the real stuff from the fake? Read on.........

chinese new year calmex abalone salad recipe
Old folks like my mum swear by the famous Calmex brand. I recalled her paying around SGD 80 ( SGD 100 approx USD 70 ) for their canned abalone donkey years ago, then the price went up to about SGD 130 in 2011. We stopped buying it completely when the price escalated to SGD 180 in 2012! We thought it was crazy, but I was very blessed that year. My BFF Jacqueline, who also swears by the brand of Mexican abalone, bought 2 cans of Calmex for me when I invited her and her hubby over for dinner then. Lucky me!

ocean garden products calmex abalone from mexico recipe
Prices of abalone dropped in recent years, and it has become very affordable especially with the Australian and New Zealand ones. The latest pricing for Calmex abalone is approximately SGD 146. Not sure why the sudden fever, but I had received a total of 10 cans of Calmex to date on my last birthday and this Chinese New Year from friends and ex-colleagues! I just have awesome friends, don’t I?

salanova red green lettuce italian salad recipe
Frankly, hubby and I haven’t had Calmex abalone since 5 years ago. We just couldn’t afford it anymore after it went up to SGD 180; I had also stopped monitoring the prices since then. Well, I guess the best way to rekindle with my first love was to do a salad dish, with just a light dressing to get the best out of the precious shellfish.
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March School Holiday: Clarke Quay Singapore Festival of Fun!

clarke quay singapore festival of fun nickelodeon fiesta
The inaugural Singapore Festival of Fun at Clarke Quay is set to thrill the public with three pillars of entertainment during the March school holidays from 11th to 19th of March 2017. Comprising of the Nickelodeon Fiesta in collaboration with Nickelodeon, Clarke Quay StreetFest and the return of the Magners International Comedy Festival Singapore, a week-long programme of all-ages fun, entertainment and activities awaits everyone.

singapore march school holidays clarke quay ninja turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo and Donatello
Nickelodeon Fiesta: 11 – 12 March 2017
Kicking off Singapore Festival of Fun, is the Southeast Asia debut of a two-day Nickelodeon Fiesta weekend. Inspired by Clarke Quay’s rich Singapore history, the free-entry event will see Clarke Quay transform into a carnival-like playground. Kids and their families can participate in a thematic family scavenger hunt around Clarke Quay with built-in historical and edutainment elements that will bring stories of Singapore River to life for participants. In line with the festivities, the carnival will feature re-imagined nostalgic local childhood games with a Nickelodeon-twist and limited edition Nickelodeon collectibles to be won after, Not to be missed are stage games and meet-and-greet sessions with family favourite characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Leonardo and Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Chase and Marshall from one of the hottest preschool shows, PAW Patrol.

clarke quay streetfest singapore nickelodeon pepe the clown
Pepe the Clown
Clarke Quay StreetFest 14 - 19 March 2017
The first Clarke Quay StreetFest follows Nickelodeon Fiesta, which will feature one of the world’s most famous clowns, - Pepe the Clown, who will captivate and entertain the crowd with his inimitable style of tomfoolery. On Wednesday 15 March 2017, he will be joined by World Champion Unicyclist Jamey Mossengren who will perform daring and death-defying tricks while involving the audience such as leaping over a volunteer on his 12-foot high unicycle - the world’s tallest unicycle act whilst juggling a sword, a club and a torch.

Not to be outdone, don’t miss the chance to watch The Kamikaze Fireflies comprising Rob Williams and Casey Martin who received a standing ovation when they performed on America’s Got Talent, in action. Live entertainment at its very best, The Kamikaze Fireflies combines circus and comedy in an exhilarating 40-minute show involving juggling, whip-cracking, German wheel and more.
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Valentine’s Day Recipes Round-Up with Fun and Creative Food!

creative valentines day recipes roses desserts
Valentine’s Day is just next week! Are you all ready to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Well, we have selected some fun and yummy recipes for you to display your culinary skills.

Nope, you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen with these step-by-step photo instructions. In fact, some of these recipes are so easy even your kids can make them! We have rounded up 7 Valentine’s Day Recipes for you to choose!

creative valentines day strawberry roses bouquet food art
How about kicking off your Valentine’s Day event with this Strawberry Roses Bouquet ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 )? You've probably seen these Strawberry Roses Food Art, but do you know all you need is a paring knife. some love and patience and your strawberries flower bouquet will be done in just minutes?
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Hello Kitty Town Red Bow Cafe Valentine's Day Promotion!

puteri harbour hello kitty red bow cafe valentines
It’s the month of February and love is in the air! Apart from showing your love and affection to your significant others in the form of cards, flowers and messages, how about planning a day themed around Hello Kitty?

Just for the month of February, Red Bow Cafe in Puteri Harbour is offering an exclusive dinner package for two at a special early bird promotion of only RM149.00! The Purrfect Dinner will offer a set of menu customised just for the occasion, on top of a special performance by The SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN characters.
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Tiger King: Abalone Minced Chicken Congee Recipe ( 美味鲍鱼肉碎粥 )

tiger king chile aquaculture red abalone congee recipe
On days when you are unwell, do you go for soft diet like congee or porridge? I usually long for this type of diet whenever I am indisposed. My son had a nasty toothache sometime back, and haven’t been on proper food for days. Hence, I decided to make him my family’s favourite Abalone Minced Chicken Congee ( 美味鲍鱼肉碎粥 ).

hockhua tiger king abalone minced pork congee recipe
The Tiger King Chile Aquaculture Red Abalone ( 智利养殖红鲍鱼 ) from HockHua Tonic contains 9 pieces of baby abalones. Hubby and I had 3 whole abalones each, while I sliced the rest for Jon’s easy consumption.

hong kong style abalone congee recipe
When cooking congee, I like to use Japanese Rice as it is short grain compared to the usual Jasmine rice which is long grain. The plumpy rice has a stickier texture which I find it suitable for making congee. This time round, I added more liquid so that it is easier for Jon to digest. Abalone Congee is extremely appetizing especially when you have no appetite, and it is easy to prepare too. Let’s check out the yummy recipe!
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Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment, Beauty Ritual For Hair

clover hair boutique shu uemura master ceremony treatment
Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment at Clover Hair Boutique is what their hair stylists rave about. Like an elixir, the hair therapy is a distinctive customized professional treatment using natural ingredients for the utmost results.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair is a luxury hair care brand with exceptional treatments, shampoos, and styling formulas, all designed around rare ingredients and precious oils such as camellia oil, musk rose oil or argan oil.

shu uemura art of hair instant replenisher serum
Valentine's Day is approaching! Give yourself a treat with the Special 15% Discount just for you readers! With frequent chemical treatments, the Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment is highly recommended for maintaining lustrous tresses and the therapy utilizes a range of Shu Uemura Art of Hair Serums designed to be combined together to produce a personalized treatment that target specific hair concerns:
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Fragrant Claypot Flower Crab Cabbage Soup ( 浓香砂煲花蟹汤 )

chinese new year claypot flower crab soup recipe
During the Lunar New Year, Steamboat aka Hotpot ( 火锅 ) is extremely popular in Singapore. You will find almost every Chinese household here holding a Steamboat session at least once during the 15 days. Flower Crab ( 花蟹 ) and Cabbage ( 白菜 ) are two well-liked ingredients added to the Steamboat because they deliver sweetness to the soup.

cny claypot flower crab soup with wolfberries recipe
Apart from Steamboat, I enjoy making Flower Crab Soup occasionally too, adding different ingredients depending on what’s available that day. I would usually make Chicken Stock from scratch for my soup base, but I bought the #Swanson Clear Chicken Broth instead this time due to time constraint.

ntuc fairprice swanson clear chicken broth recipe
I saw a lot of restaurant chefs on TV programmes promoting the Swanson chicken broth these days, and I was surprised that restaurants are using these ready-made stock so I decided to try. Taste is not too bad, but you will need to add water and less or no salt since it is already seasoned. Have you tried any ready-made chicken broth?

cny claypot flower crab soup hello kitty bowls
I also got myself a really nice crab that day with lots of roe, and coupled with the Napa Cabbage aka Tientsin / Tian Jin Cabbage ( 天津白菜 ), my family had a piping hot Fragrant Claypot Flower Crab Cabbage Soup ( 浓香砂煲花蟹汤 ) for dinner! Do you like my Hello Kitty Soup Bowls? They come in a set, and it was a birthday gift from my son couple of years back.
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Catch Bintan Lagoon Resort 3D2N Valentine’s Day Package!

bintan lagoon resort valentines day package
For an exceptional Valentine’s Day getaway, stay over at the Bintan Lagoon Resort, a short ferry ride away from Singapore. Cozy up with your partner over romantic moonlit strolls and sunset cocktails at Nelayan, the chic beachfront restaurant.

indonesia island bintan lagoon resort valentines day package
With over 300 hectares of sprawling landscape and more than 50 land/sea activities including a day spa, there are plenty of opportunities to bond together.

singapore getaway bintan lagoon resort valentines day promotion
Bintan Lagoon Resort Valentine's Day Package @ IDR5,566,000,000 per couple (approx SGD 568):
  • 3 days/2 nights stay in Deluxe Room with complimentary upgrade to sea-facing room subject to availability.
  • Daily breakfast at Fiesta.
  • 1 four-course set dinner for 2 persons with a glass of wine at Nelayan Restaurant with stunning views of the sea.
  • 1 hour in-room full body massage for 2 persons.
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Delicious Smoked Salmon Salad with JellyFish ( 烟熏三文鱼沙拉捞海蜇 )

cny delicious smoked salmon salad with jellyfish recipe
We Chinese eat a lot of Smoked Salmon during the Lunar New Year, mainly for the Prosperity Toss session due its symbolic meaning. The auspicious " Lucky " symbol plays a vital role in the Chinese Spring Festival celebration, and Fish is considered a lucky food. Sounding like ' surplus ' in Chinese, we like to think that May There Be Abundance Year After Year ( 年年有余 )!

chinese spring festival lohei smoked salmon with jellyfish
Be greeted by an explosion of flavours in this Delicious Smoked Salmon Salad with JellyFish ( 烟熏三文鱼沙拉捞海蜇 ) for Chinese New Year!

cny fassler smoked salmon yusheng with jellyfish
Filled with mouth-watering Smoked Salmon bought from Fassler Gourmet and Jellyfish from local supermarket, the easy-to-do salad is ready in no time!  I had a surplus of Yusheng ingredients, so I made a simple salad using whatever I had on hand and put my creativity to work. The result is an eye-catching colourful salad for my family of three. Let’s see how easy it is to make this!
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Ah Yat Abalone with Fauchon Foie Gras Platter ( 阿一鲜鲍鹅肝拼盘 )

cny ah yat abalone fauchon foie gras platter
Looking for some last minute CNY recipes? Not a good cook, but want to impress your family and guests on this festive occasion? Fret not, cause here is one hell of a simple starter that anyone can fix!

cny ah yat abalone fauchon foie gras recipes
I love to stock up gourmet canned food like Foie Gras Goose Liver and Abalones in my kitchen so that I can whip up simple dishes like these if I am short of time.

lunar new year dishes abalone with goose liver
chinese new year dinner table settings red theme
I am using Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Biscuits for my Fauchon Goose Liver, and Iceberg Lettuce for the Ah Yat Fresh Abalone. Trust me, you can churn out this Heavenly Twin Chilled Abalone with Foie Gras Pate ( 双天至尊冷鮑鹅肝 ) in just 30 minutes!
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Auspicious Bagua Abalone Yu Sheng Recipe ( 吉祥八卦鲍仔魚生 )

bagua yu sheng food art carrots radish salad
Bagua ( 八卦 ) represents the octagonal trigram template, with the center containing the Yin ( 阴 ) and Yang ( 阳 ) symbol, or Taijitu as in the Taoist philosophy. The Chinese believe that the Yin represents the receptive ( female ) force of nature, while Yang represents the creative ( male ) force of nature.

According to Feng Shui belief, the positive chi energy in one’s life, environment and living area should be balanced. Hence, Bagua is an essential tool used to map a location to see how the different sections correspond to different aspects in one's life such as fame, marriage, career, and wealth.

chinese new year lohei abalone yusheng recipe
During Chinese New Year, Lo Hei ( 捞起 ) is a Lunar New Year tradition whereby Yu Sheng is served. It is a large colourful plate of salad consisting of numerous ingredients, and they get tossed during the “ Prosperity Toss ” session while shouting out auspicious phrases.

lunar new year abalone recipe bagua yusheng salad
Well, the Auspicious Bagua Abalone Yu Sheng ( 吉祥八卦鲍仔魚生 ) was one of the few Yu Sheng I had created for the Chinese New Year. Are you a fan of Yu Sheng or Abalone too? Let's put on our apron!
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Year of the Rooster: Celebrate Love & Prosperity at Sentosa

sentosa lunar new year walkabout characters
Usher in the Lunar New Year and celebrate love this springtime with your family, friends and loved ones at Sentosa! The State of Fun welcomes guests with Love in Springtime ( 爱在春季 ) - a series of exciting festivities, auspicious promotions, and fun activities from 21 January to 26 February, including FREE island admission and cable car rides for guests born in the Year of the Rooster!

sentosa year of rooster zodiac lanterns
Love in Springtime brings together two of the biggest occasions in Chinese and Western cultures – Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. Areas including Palawan Green, Merlion Plaza and Beach Plaza will turn into a festive playground of lights, entertainment and activities for everyone, with a captivating showcase of 12 Zodiac lanterns at Palawan Green, each stylised to tell heart-warming love stories.

The highlights also include Merlion Magic Lights! as well as a concert beside the beach on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, featuring well-known folk songs by active members from the 1980s local music scene.

That’s not all! Special promotions from Festive Bundles (福袋) to lucky draws for Mastercard cardholders are in store for guests of all ages, including families and children!

year of rooster celebrate love prosperity at sentosa
“Love in Springtime celebrates togetherness, love, and wishes for a bountiful year – ideals that transcend cultures. Our line-up of activities offers both traditional and unconventional options for those seeking a fun-filled spring celebration of love. The festivities provide great opportunities for families and friends to come together and celebrate in The State of Fun. As we march into the year of the Rooster, we wish our guests a year of luck, prosperity and good health,” said Ms Agatha Yap, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sentosa Development Corporation.
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Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 )

cny golden ingot pumpkin rice with goose liver
Even if you are not a fan of pumpkins, you will learn to appreciate this healthy and delicious Pumpkin Rice filled with tasty ingredients. Previously featured in LiveWell Magazine, and online sites such as OpenRice and OMY-食天堂Eat, this dish is a family favourite as well as topping my guests’ list.

singapore food blog foie gras pumpkin rice recipe
The previous version you have seen in my old post was a darker one as I had added dark soy sauce and the ingredients are slightly different. For this Chinese New Year dish, I had also added Chinese Sausage and topped with the luxurious Goose Liver. Serving my Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 ), don’t you think this simple dish is fit for the Emperior?
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Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque Now At EHA Skincare!

eha clinic skinceuticals phyto corrective masque
Clinically tested post-procedure to effectively reduce visual redness, discomfort, and heat, the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque is now available at both EHA Clinic and EHA Skincare located in Shaw Centre, Scotts Road.

skinceuticals phyto corrective masque blogger event
Retailing at SGD 89 for 60ml, the intensive calming botanical masque contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to intensively soothe and replenish temporary skin reactivity.

luxury haven eha clinic aesthetic dr elias tam
I was at the EHA Skincare Media Event last month, and with me is Dr Elias Tam, founder of EHA Clinic. With strings of achievements under his belt, Dr Tam is a also a speaker on the international circuit of Aesthetic Medicine conferences and seminars, as well as at the forefront of developing and testing hi-tech and innovative aesthetic procedures – with particular expertise in follicular hair extraction techniques for hair transplants, and facial skin therapies.
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