EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Giveaway: 5 Bottles to Win!

Need an exfoliating product for your face that that gives you effective results yet gentle on your skin? With ingredients like Evening Primrose oil for its antioxidant and whitening properties, Algae extract for its moisturizing and whitening properties and Glycerin for its hydrating properties, skin looks brighter and cleaner without any greasy after-feel.

eha skincare gentle exfoliating gel giveaway
Luxury Haven is collaborating with EHA Skincare to reward 5 of our readers with the EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Worth SGD 68 each!
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Cooking Vegetables Without Water With AMC Premium Cookware

amc premium system cooking vegetables without water
Do you know that Capsicum, or Bell Pepper as commonly known, is an excellent source of vitamin C and also gives us with a wide range of antioxidants? Here's a healthy way of cooking these vegetables in just minutes using the AMC Premium Cookware, retaining their natural juices and nutrients.

colourful shrimps bell peppers salad hello kitty fork
These Healthy Garden Greens in Colourful Bell Peppers with Pan-Seared Prawns are not just aesthetically appealing to the eyes, but also packed a punch of vitamins. So power up your immune system with this pretty party dish!
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Instantly Ageless™ by Jeunesse, Watch Fine Lines Vanish!

jeunesse instantly ageless review anti wrinkle cream
Instantly Ageless™ is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. The revolutionary ingredient is Argireline: a peptide that works like Botox - without the needles.

Instantly Ageless™ revives the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. Watch the Instantly Ageless™ live demo video and see the transformation!
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Creamy Baked Seafood Casserole Recipe, A Yummy Treat For All

valentines day baked creamy seafood casserole recipes
Be tantalized by the kaleidoscope of flavours from the ocean drenched in a sourish creamy sauce that's bound to whet your appetite. If you are a fan of shellfish, you will enjoy this Creamy Baked Seafood Casserole that is filled with shrimps, scallops and clams, and baked to golden brown with a cheesy topping. Shall we get started?
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Rexults medSpa Age Resist+ Face Therapy; Red-Carpet Ready!

singapore celebrity influencer reviews rexults medspa
Be ready to be pampered from head to toes at Rexults MedSpa, located at #17-02 Tong Building in Orchard Road.

rexults medspa aesthetics wellness diagnostics centre
It is no ordinary spa since it is a unique concept by the immaculate and youthful-looking Founder and Director, Mrs Elizabeth Wong. Rexults medSpa is not just about catering to typical beauty needs, but about helping its clients achieve Skin Health and Well-Being by reconciling Advanced Aesthetics and Wellness Diagnostics with holistic approaches.
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HUGO Woman Fragrance Giveaway Winner! Who Is The Lucky One?

hugo woman eau de parfum giveaway winner
The HUGO Woman is a trailblazer, who leads rather than follows, with a passion for the extraordinary in everything she pursues.

Her perfume is the mark she makes on the world. She demands that it drives her curiosity and captures her imagination. For this most individual of individuals, this can only mean the HUGO Woman fragrance – a scented innovation that allows her to wear it her way.
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Naoki Yoshihara Hair Cut Promo by Japanese Hair Stylists!

naoki yoshihara kuramochi masami luxury haven celebrity blogger
Thinking of changing your hair style? Catch Naoki Yoshihara's latest Hair Cut Promotion by Japanese hair stylists at just SGD 60 for Women, and SGD 55 for Men now!

Meet Kuramochi Masami, the Creative Director of Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, with more than 30 years of experience and specializing in hair perms.
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Handmade Beaded Bags and Other Charming Handicrafts by Mom

Mother's Day is near, which makes me think of what a super mom I've got! I am sure all mothers have hidden talents in one way or another, and my mom is pretty good at handicrafts, even at her age of 86!

diy beaded crystal handicrafts
Be charmed by the list of beaded handbags, tissue boxes, and other handicrafts I have lined up for you. Please share the post to reach out to more old folks to encourage life-long learning cause you are never too old to pick up a skill!
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AMC Cookware Tried & Tested: Tasty Bittergourd Chicken Recipe

amc cookware tried and tested bittergourd chicken recipe
Tickle your taste buds with this scrumptious Chicken dish with melt-in-your-mouth Bittergourd, a Winner in the Tasty Healthy Recipes Contest organized by SingHealth sometime ago. Only difference, I cooked it with my new AMC Premium System Multi-talent 20 cm, 2.3 L Pot, in a much shorter time and without any oil!

amc premium system multi talent pot visiotherm audiotherm
AMC Premium System offers the finest quality cookware with a lifetime guarantee, which enables healthy cooking especially those with health conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes since less fats, oils and salts are used.
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AMC Premium System Healthy Cooking Demo + Readers' Discount!

Health and delight under one lid with the most intelligent cookware unit in the world? AMC is the global market leader in the field of premium stainless steel cookware, a pioneer in innovation cooking system for more than 50 years history!

amc premium system cooking studio toa payoh
I have heard about the many goodness of AMC Premium System like cooking food with zero oil, and vegetables without adding water, so I was exhilarated when invited to attend their Healthy Homemade Cooking Experience at their Toa Payoh Cooking Studio.

amc premium cooking system jubilee set sg50
Thanks to #AMC Singapore, I am now a proud owner of the AMC Premium Cooking System from Germany!
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Baked Cheesy Chicken Fillets with Ham, Finger Lickin' Good!

succulent baked cheesy chicken fillet with ham recipes
Imagine having succulent chicken fillets coated with Kraft Cheese, and filled with slices of savoury Ham plus grated Swiss Cheese, and baked to a golden brown crust. Mmmmm…….. it's Finger Lickin' Good, my friends!

heart shaped cherry tomatoes chicken cordon bleu recipe
For a crispy bite, coat the fillets with bread crumbs or panko and fry them before putting into the oven to bake. Well, I am using the Progresso Italian Style Bread Crumbs in my recipe here. Let's get started!
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HUGO Woman Fragrance Giveaway Worth $116 at Luxury Haven!

hugo woman eau de parfum giveaway
It was a beautiful morning when I was out on a stroll in my garden. The air was fresh and crisp, and I could get a whiff of floral scent as the wind passes me - an unconventional blend of rich floral and daring fruity notes with an aromatic twist. Gosh, I love the subtle fragrance in the air; that's HUGO Woman!

hugo woman eau de parfum reviews
Well, you are in luck! Let this darling designer perfume by HUGO put you in the spotlight, cause I am giving away a bottle of HUGO Woman to 1 reader, thanks to HUGO Boss!

Worth SGD 116, the 50 ml HUGO Woman flacon comprises a circle of transparent glass – sleek, with an air of minimalism - revealing a clear juice. A groove reaching around the bottle reveals a hidden scarlet ring, a discreet feminine touch, defining, yet low-key. It speaks to the individual with her own defiant style. Will you be the lucky one?
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Naoki Yoshihara: Shiseido Hair Care Salon Solutions Therapy

naoki yoshihara shiseido hair care salon solutions promotion
Do you know that with every shampoo, calcium ions accumulate inside your hair which can make it coarse? Well, Shiseido has developed a unique technology which first eliminates the accumulation of calcium ion inside the hair to restore the hair to its natural state. Here's introducing you Salon Solutions Ultimate 5-Step Reconstruction Therapy at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash that helps to revive your hair!
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