Akasaka Kitafuku Red King Crab Dining Adventure ( 赤坂きた福 )!

celebrity travel blogger reviews akasaka kitafuku japanese restaurant
Are you a crab lover like me? Have you ever had a feast solely on savouring different parts of a huge Red King Crab?

akasaka kitafuku red king crab dining adventure
Red King Crab or otherwise known as Paralithodes Camtschaticus, is the largest and most common species of the Alaskan king crab species. This King Crab is the most prized species of crab in the world, with strong demand from consumers in Japan, the US and Europe. In Japanese, the Red King Crab is called Tarabagani ( タラバガニ ), and Akasaka Kitafuku ( 赤坂きた福 ) is a Michelin-starred restaurant specialized in serving these most sought after delicacies.

During my last trip to Tokyo, I had the privilege to watch a live performance where my dedicated Chef cut up an entire live crab and cook right in front of me, turning the crustacean into yummy sashimi, shabu shabu, grilled and boiled seafood. Be warned! You may get very hungry by the end of this post…………
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Naoki Yoshihara by Ash in Orchard ( ナオキ ヨシハラ バイ アッシュ )!

luxury haven lifestyle blog reviews naoki yoshihara orchard
ナオキ ヨシハラに戻りました! Yap, after a lapse of more than a year, I am finally back at the Japanese hair salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash ( ナオキ ヨシハラ バイ アッシュ )!

japanese hair salon naoki yoshihara orchard
A little about the salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is the largest hair salon chain in Japan with 260 outlets to date! Opened on July 2013 at Liang Court in Singapore with the intention of providing Japanese quality service with affordable price here, Naoki Yoshihara has recently opened another outlet in International Building, taking over Komachi on the second floor. Boy, I love the convenient location since I can always pop by after my shopping and spa in Orchard; plus, my Aesthetics sponsor is also in the same area!
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My Queenstown Heritage Trail, Dawson and Alexandra Tour

my queenstown heritage trail dawson alexandra neighbourhood tour
Do you know that Queenstown was named in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953? Are you aware that before Queenstown was conferred with the title as Singapore’s first satellite estate in 1953, there were military camps, rubber plantations and villages?

queenstown heritage trail residents sharing stories
My Queenstown Heritage Trail brings participants to colonial landmarks, military installations and residential buildings within Dawson and Alexandra Neighbourhoods. There will also sharing sessions with long-time residents chipping in their stories and memories on Queenstown.

my queenstown heritage trail with luxury haven
So there we were, armed with a camera and a good walking pair of shoes, complete with a cap, sunscreen and bottle of mineral water, we were geared for #MyQueenstown adventure – a tourist in our own country!

heritage trail forest discover hidden bunkers
Join us, as we uncover the many stories behind the 2 hours+ Dawson and Alexandra Heritage Trail, plus an exciting adventure into a forested area to search for abandoned bunkers built during the World War II!
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Prima Taste Rendang, Singapore Favourites Meal Sauce Kits

#Rendang is a spicy meat dish popular in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Rich in spices, the meat dish is drenched in flavourful coconut milk with a subtle hint of galangal and lemongrass scent.

prima taste rendang singapore favourites meal sauce kit review
Depending on your cooking preference, Rendang ranges from wet to dry and the variety of meat includes beef, mutton and chicken. My family loves Beef Rendang. Cooking traditional Rendang is often time-consuming as it requires grinding the ingredients and slow cooking the meat, which is why I've never tried preparing it at home. Besides, I'm not confident I can pull off a good job. It's one dish that requires much skill.

prima taste ready to cook meals
After having tried quite a few products from Prima Taste, I'm already their big fan! For my 1st cooking experiment with Beef Rendang, I'm using the Prima Taste Rendang Asian Dry Curry Meal Sauce Kit, and followed their suggestion to use Beef Shin.
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Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Treatments and LebeL Hair Therapy

What I enjoy most about visiting Immortelle Atelier is that I can get all my beauty treatments done at one go. Be it facial, make-up, hair styling, scalp treatment or bridal packages, they have it all!

united square immortelle atelier hair facial treatments reviews
Well, it was my 6th visit to the one-stop beauty salon and this time, I had the most rejuvenating session there starting with a luxurious facial, followed by a soothing hand therapy and an indulging hair and scalp treatment. I was totally recharged with my skin glowing, and my scalp all ‘ detoxed “ at the end of my 3-hour+ session!
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Beauty Shopping at Luxola Singapore with Vouchercodes.com.sg!

save money with voucher codes singapore online shopping
When it comes to the word “ shopping ”, we can’t ever get over with it, can we?. Besides, we don’t need a reason to shop; every day is a festive day for us. Things are so much easier in our tech generation; we don’t have to waste time squeezing through the crowd or run for our favourite products. Well, the internet provides us the convenient way to shop online, whatever and wherever we want.
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Hello Kitty Café and Kilara Shopping in Hong Kong!

hello kitty cafe kilara shopping in hong kong
For those visiting Hong Kong, you will be awed by the fanciful pastries their Hello Kitty Café has in store for you, and the lines of Hello Kitty fashion wear for both adults and children #Kilara has to offer.

I am always on the look out for Hello Kitty stuff during my travels, and Hong Kong is one of the places with my favourite Japanese mouthless character sprawling all over the city. Let’s check them out!
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SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit, The Magic Of STEMPOWER!

sk ii magnetic wands review
Once again, SK-II has challenged history by launching the World's 1st Magnetic Eye Care - the SK-II’s New STEMPOWER Eye Cream with Magnetic Wand, a revolutionary 3-Point eye firm-up to Ageless Beauty!

Do you know that eye bags begin to sag in the 20s, eyelids develop wrinkles in the 30s, while wrinkles manifest in the corner of the eyes in a woman’s 40s? If only I knew this when I was in my 20s....

Well, it seems that the skin surrounding the eye is particularly sensitive to the effects of ageing due to its thinness, which causes it to easily lose firmness and plumpness. According to the results of the SK-II Akita study, the industry’s first holistic longitudinal study which spanned over 10 years, SK-II scientists have discovered that each key area is affected by aging in different ways.
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Waterfall Braid Hairstyle By Jass Hair Design for Events

jass hair design trendy half plaits waterfall hairstyles
Waterfall Braid, Waterfall Plaits, or Half Braids Waterfall Hairstyles are some of the names of the latest rave in hair styling. It is a technique where you braid the top of the hair and letting the other half cascade like the waterfall. It is a classic hairstyle made trendy, but totally sweet and cool!

singapore beauty blogger hairstyling by jass hair design
Recently, I had to attend a media event by Maria Galland. So I paid a visit to Jass Hair Design, and told them I wanted a chic but simple hairdo, a half braided hairstyle like the Waterfall perhaps.......
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Maria Galland Le Essence Launch Event at Spa Symphony

maria galland le essence skin care blogger review
Caviar, Black Orchid, Malachite, White Truffle, Silver and Gold - Don't they sound so tasty, aromatic and precious?

maria galland event spa symphony 313 somerset
spa symphony maria galland le essence media launch
Hair By: Jass Hair Design
Maria Galland has recently launched Le Essence, a luxurious skin care range. Together with beauty editors, I was at Spa Symphony to witness the scented event and got to take home the Maria Galland Le Essence kit too!
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Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong Designer Shopping Paradise!

hong kong designer labels bargain citygate outlets shopping
Shop till you drop with more than 90 international brands offering discounts of at least 30% to 70% on designer labels and more at Citygate Outlets in Hong Kong!

The outlet shopping mall is only one station away from Disneyland, and approximately 10 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport, making it easy for any last minute shopping before you leave the country.
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Tai O in Lantau Island, Oldest Fishing Village In Hong Kong

travel blogger reviews tai o fishing village lantau
If you are looking to get away from Hong Kong's commercialized hotspots, Tai O Fishing Village ( 大澳 ) is probably your best bet where local essence awaits you.

tai o oldest fishing village hong kong
Rustic charm takes over the minute you set foot in the " Venice of Hong Kong ", where you will find historical setting such as waterways, stilt houses and fishing boats. Although the structural designs are quite unique, the place is far from romantic as compared to the renowned Italian city.
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Limited Edition SG50 Hello Kitty Plush and MyStamp Folder!

singpost sg50 hello kitty plush collectibles postman
What do you think of my #HelloKitty in Colonial Postman Uniform?

singpost hello kitty singapore colonial times postman
Do you know that from colonial times to the late 1970s, Singapore’s postmen wore khaki-coloured cotton uniforms that were ironed with starch to stiffen them up? Pretty cool, huh? Well, our postmen’s uniform has since evolved over the years to maintain a fresh, contemporary and practical look.
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