Georgina's Salon Launches Mediceuicals Scalp & Hair Solutions

georginas salon launches mediceuicals scalp hair solutions
Do you know that 97% of people will experience some form of scalp problem such as Dandruff, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis or a dry scalp, and an unhealthy scalp may contribute to hair loss?

georgina salon mediceuicals scalp hair solutions review
Well, Georgina's Salon is pleased to introduce Mediceu+icals Scalp and Hair Solutions, a unique dermatological products that nurture optimal hair and scalp health since 1964.
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Wild Rocket Salad with Parma Ham and Wasabi Prawns Recipe

arugula salad parma ham crispy prawn heads recipes
Delicious in salads, Wild Rocket aka Arugula are young and tender greens with scented serrated leaves. I have to admit Wild Rocket is an acquired taste due to its intense flavour, but the leaves have anti-cancer properties and do you know that they are used as a digestive aid by ancient Greeks?

purelyfresh wild rocket salad wasabi prawns recipe
The crispy prawn heads in this Wild Rocket Salad with Wasabi Prawns and Parma Ham will make your guests yearning for more! This recipe gives you an idea what to do with those leftover prawn heads other than using them for making stocks. I would usually deep fry them till real crispy where you can gobble up the entire prawn head, and they are so delicious. So remember not to dispose those prawn heads, they make yummy snacks too!
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Salvatore Ferragamo Ballerina Pumps, A Woman's Love Affair

hollywood favourite salvatore ferragamo ballerinas
The quintessence of Italian luxury, Salvatore Ferragamo became a Hollywood favourite during the glamorous 1920s. Three generations later, the brand is still revered for the beauty and quality of its handcrafted shoes.

My love affair with Ferragamo shoes started way back twenty over years ago, and I got hooked on their Vara Pump Ballerinas. Guess I just fell in love with the girlish Vara bow, and started snapping up matching handbags, belts and hair accessories to match my ballerinas.

iconic designer shoes salvatore ferragamo signature vara bow
Designed by Fiamma Di San Giuliani Ferragami, the Vara Pump is one of Ferragamo's most iconic shoes. A signature Vara bow centered with logo-etched goldtone hardware brands a leather pump constructed using Ferragamo’s signature lasts for unparalleled arch support and a superior fit.
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Hotplate Tofu with Prawns, Fuss-Free Home Cooking! ( 铁板豆腐虾 )

purelyfresh prawns sizzling hotplate tofu recipes chinese cuisine-cooking
One of the best things about cooking at home is that family can sit together and enjoy nutritious food while having a nice conversation.

purelyfresh online groceries cooking with luxury-haven
Our recent meal was a scrumptious Hotplate Tofu with Prawns ( 铁板豆腐虾 ), along with other dishes that made up our 3 Dishes 1 Soup meal ( 三菜一汤 ) for my family of three:
  • Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 )
  • Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish ( 日式香煎鳕鱼 )
  • Stuffed Bitter Gourd Boat with Minced Pork ( 肉碎苦瓜船 )
purelyfresh friendly service singapore online grocery shopping
singapore online grocery shopping purelyfresh fresh seafood delivery
With online grocery shopping these days, everything becomes so convenient with your daily needs delivered straight to your home. Friendly delivery staff coupled with fresh food that arrives in a cooler box is why I love shopping with PurelyFresh.
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Jyunka Launches Ultra Peptide Lifting Series + Cell Essence!

beauty influencer reviews jyunka ultra peptide lifting mist
Fans of Jyunka will be pleased to learn that the " cult " brand has finally launched another series of awesome products! From their award-winning Jyunka M+ Fluid aka Miracle Fluid, comes the Jyunka Ultra Peptide Lifting series from France and their Cell Essence Pure Sheep Placenta Concentrate with Collaglaxan™ from New Zealand!

Jyunka is definitely in my top favourite list of skincare products, and I adore their facials which never fail to deliver instant results. Facials are wonderful ways to take away the day's stress on the face to help restore and rejuvenate our skin health, but we will also need a good home care brand that we can trust for our daily beauty regimen. Hence, I was delighted to attend Jyunka's 8th Anniversary recently at Hyatt Hotel Singapore, witnessing the launch of their latest Ultra Peptide Lifting products.

For those who have not tried the wonders of Jyunka's products, you may like to know that the brand has devoted years of painstaking research into extracting and delivering concentrated natural ingredients directly onto the skin, thus achieving the perfect balance between science and nature to achieve optimal results, for real beauty, inside out. From the meticulous selection of ingredients to the careful actualisation of the end product, JYUNKA delivers quality skincare that helps women and men realise their beauty, from within.

jyunka ultra peptide lifting products review cell essence
Jyunka ULTRA PEPTIDE Lifting Series
From fighting the old to building the new, JYUNKA transforms signs of aging by alleviating ravages caused by gravity, loss of elasticity and muscle strength. Absorb the full benefits of Dipeptide in smoothing expression lines and enhancing muscle memory of the skin, as well as the moisture-retaining Sodium Hyaluronate that doubles as a skin protection against bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays.
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Hairy Crab At Home Delivers Right To Your Doorstep ( 大闸蟹 )!

hairy crab at home delivery luxury haven reviews
It's the Hairy Crab Season again! If you are a huge fan of Shanghainese Hairy Crabs ( 大闸蟹 ) like me who go around jumping from restaurants to restaurants just to indulge in these furry crustaceans, you will know how expensive it can be to dine out. Thanks to Hairy Crabs At Home who came up with the idea of importing Premium Live Hairy Crabs and supplying directly to consumers here in Singapore, we can all enjoy this premium delicacy at an affordable price in the comfort of your own home.

singapore imports taihu hairy crabs review
Air flown daily from China ( TaiHu ) into Singapore to ensure the quality of the product, these Hairy Crabs aka Chinese Mitten Crabs will be delivered LIVE to your doorstep! For the purpose of delivery, Hairy Crabs will be carefully packed in an insulated box with ice packs, designed to maintain the temperature to ensure the comfort of the Hairy Crabs.
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EHA Skincare: Ingirl Stinn Powders & Infracyte Luscious Lips

eha skincare ingirl stinn powders infracyte luscious lips
If you are searching for the perfect compact powder to complete that flawless look, or a lip gloss that works as a volumizer with anti-ageing properties, look no further as EHA Skincare brings you Ingirl Stinn and Infracyte makeup collection!

eha -skincare ingirl stinn photochromic foundation pressed powder
#IngirlStinn is the only makeup studio in Asia where you will find both customized and ready-to-apply professional makeup products that are truly " makeup artist quality "! Halal certified using certified organic with no animal ingredients, Ingirl Stinn products retails at SGD 39 for a foundation compact, SGD 39 for a pressed powder compact and SGD 55 for loose powder.

infracyte instant lip plumper collagen boosters review
Made in USA, the #Infracyte Luscious Lips are scientifically formulated anti-ageing lip therapy for long-term anti-ageing, volumizing, moisturizing, healing and enhancement benefits. It is also dermatologist tested and cosmetic scientist formulated. Infracyte Luscious Lips retails at SGD 68.

Read on as Luxury Haven reviews these beauty products for a natural no-makeup look!
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Online Shopping On a Budget? 5 Easy Ways to Save Money Online

picodi easy ways to save money shopping online
Online shopping is fun, convenient and easy – we can all agree on that. We enjoy purchasing online because it saves us time, money and energy. We have an access to an endless amount of e-retailers, online shopping sites, and everything we need is within one click of a mouse. The urge to splurge is overwhelming, especially when the tempting offers are around every corner…

The good news is that even on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the benefits of online shopping! Here are some tricks you can use to save money online:
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Green Dragon Vegetables with Jin Hua Ham Recipe ( 青龙菜 )

green dragon vegetables jin hua ham silver fish
It was love at first bite with this Green Dragon Vegetable ( 青龙菜 ) aka Royale Chives ( 韭菜 ) when my students introduced me to this veggie some time ago. The Green Dragon Vegetable is commonly known as Chives and it is grown in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. So what gives it this special taste and that extra crunch?

purelyfresh recipes cameron highlands green dragon vegetables recipe
Apparently, the answer lies in the environment and method of cultivation. Although the vegetable is not certified organic, the green dragon crops are cultivated in a pesticide free environment to give it that unique sweetness.

purelyfresh green dragon vegetables recipe
Although Green Dragon Vegetable is commonly seen in Malaysia, it is rather hard to find in Singapore. To date, I have only eaten it in three restaurants. Thanks to PurelyFresh, who had made the extra effort in getting it for me after I had enquired from them, I got to cook this yummy veggie at home.
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PurelyFresh Online Grocery Giveaway Winners at Luxury Haven!

purelyfresh online grocery shopping promotion
Love online shopping? Now you can even buy groceries without leaving the comfort of your home with PurelyFresh! 3 lucky readers of Luxury Haven will be going on a shopping spree with us and it comes with free delivery too! Did you submit your entries?
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Bitter Melon Scrambled Eggs with Chinese Sausage ( 苦瓜腊肠炒蛋 )

bitter melon scrambled eggs chinese sausage purelyfresh recipes
Foodies, here's another quick and easy recipe for those who are always in a hurry, and it's eggi-licious!

Do you know how comedians like their eggs done? Funny side up, of course! Hahaha! Did you get it right? Errr..... let's try another one! What does a mixed-up hen lay? It's Scrambled Eggs!!

bitter gourd scrambled eggs with chinese sausage recipe
So let's start cooking this eggi-licious Bitter Melon aka Bitter Gourd Scrambled Eggs with Chinese Sausage ( 苦瓜腊肠炒蛋 )!
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Liposonix at EHA Clinic, Lose 1 Pants Size in 1 Treatment!!

eha clinic dr elias tam liposonix luxury haven
Safe, non-surgical and non-invasive, Liposonix is a revolutionary treatment using high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat and eliminate stubborn fat. The average waistline reduction after just a single 1-hour treatment is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) loss, which typically means one dress or one pants size down!

eha clinic slimming fat reduction liposonix review
Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks, which is the time needed for the body to naturally process the treated fat. But guess what? I have already lost almost 2 kg in just one month despite my constant snacking, and there's more room to go!

Liposonix by Solta Medical, is an amazing FDA approved device that uses powerful ultrasound to permanently eliminate fat cells in the abdominal and love handles or flank areas for a reduced waistline. Good news just for you readers! For the month of October, you can get Liposonix at SGD 200 for a min of 5 squares treated!

After two years of hard thinking and considering due to the pain factor, I have finally had my Liposonix treatment done and I am so glad I did! Honestly, I have zero tolerance for pain and managed to pluck up the courage after seeing the remarkable results from people around me. Seriously, if I can go through the treatment smoothly, I am sure anyone of you out there can endure the pain level much better than I do.

luxury haven lifestyle blog reviews eha clinic liposonix
Plus, I know I am in good hands with the highly-accredited Dr Elias Tam around. So I checked into EHA Clinic at Scotts Road for my Liposonix to treat my love handles and thighs about a month ago, and here's bringing you my review!
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Sparkling Strawberry Lime Soda + PurelyFresh $180 Giveaway!

hello kitty strawberry lime soda recipe purelyfresh giveaway
Beat the heat with this uplifting Strawberry Lime Cooler and let it fizzes up your day with every refreshing sip. Sweet and sourish, this Fruity Sparkling Strawberry Lime Soda is so addictive you just can't get enough!

hello kitty doll non alcoholic lime spritzer recipe
This is a perfect bubbly concoction for home parties or any gatherings with friends. The revitalizing mocktail is your ideal partner on steamy summer days and nights when the weather gets terribly hot.

purelyfresh giveaway fragrant steamed codfish recipe
Let's learn how to prepare this tasty Lime Cooler today! Plus, save more money on your grocery shopping by walking away with one of the $60 PurelyFresh Credits that comes with Free Delivery! We have 3 to give away!
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