Redken Intensive Hair Treatment at Clover Hair Boutique

clover redken intensive hair treatment review
Set a date and get your personalised scalp and hair thickening therapy at Clover Hair Boutique, which begins in-salon with a consultation with Clover's hairdressers, allowing them to check the condition of your hair and recommend the best suited hair and scalp treatment for you.

singapore top hair salons far east plaza
I am a fan of their Redken Intensive Hair and Scalp Treatment. If you are ever in the salon, please look for Daniel, Clover's Assistant Manager. You will love his massage technique and he is so knowledgeable! I have to admit Daniel is by far the best scalp therapist I have ever come across, and I have always enjoyed my scalp sessions with him.

What's more? Readers of Luxury Haven get 15% off all hair services!
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30-Minute Meal: Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )

delicious salted egg kau kee soup recipes
chinese cooking kow kee chye thorns
Spelled as Kau Kee Cai or Kow Kee Chye ( 九杞菜 ), these Wolfberry Leaves have thorns that will hurt you if you are not careful enough, but the highly nutritious vegetables are known to give you good eyesight!

salted egg yolk recipes wolfberry leaves kau kee
The tasty Egg-Drop Soup with a combination of Chicken Egg and Salted Duck Egg, makes this a dish worth craving for. Try this easy-cooking 30-Minute Meal this weekend and fall in love with this Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )!
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EHA Skincare HydraFacial with FREE VISIA Complexion Analysis

eha skincare hydrafacial nectre reviews
Thanks to the unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system, the multi-step HydraFacial Nectre treatment cleanses, exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid!

singapore top beauty salons deals eha skincare hydrafacial
The HydraFacial Nectre is an all-in-one treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection. Hydrafacial is a breakthrough in aesthetic technology; the ability to moisturize the skin separates the Hydrafacial from all skin resurfacing procedures. This treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

Read on for your Special Readers' Price with Complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis!
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Ah Yat Braised Abalone with Winter Melon Recipe ( 阿一红烧鲍鱼 )

ah yat braised abalone with winter melon recipe
Being a huge fan of Abalone and a fervent follower of Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant ( 阿一鲍鱼富临酒家 ) since more than 20 years ago, naturally I was thrilled when they finally launched their VIP card couple of years ago.

ah yat braised abalone recipe
The restaurant also carries their own brand of abalones now and I am loving it. The Ah Yat Ji Pin Canned Abalone comes in both fresh and braised versions. Personally, I prefer the Braised Abalone ( 阿一红烧鲍鱼 ) as the sauce is much richer.

delicious conpoy with enoki in abalone sauce recipe
It was my mum's 87th birthday and like me, she is a sucker for these gourmet shellfish too. Hence, I came up with this Enticing Steamed Baby Abalones on Winter Melon with Conpoy and Enoki ( 瑶柱金菇白玉鲜鲍 ) that is too good to miss.

steamed baby abalones winter melon with conpoy enoki
The soft and tender Winter Melon ( 冬瓜) stuffed with fish paste simply melts in your mouth, and the chewy texture of the Ah Yat Braised Abalones ( 阿一红烧鲍鱼) along with the strings of Dried Scallops (干貝 / 瑶柱 ) and Enoki Mushrooms (金菇), enveloped in the mouthful of abalone sauce makes this an epicurean dish that's fit for an Emperor! I have also added Goji or Wolfberries ( 枸杞子) to tease the eye as well as to draw the medicinal benefits from the wonder herb.
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Prevent Dengue Fever with Nila Natural Mosquito Repellant!

nila essence natural mosquito repellant sale
Pix Credit: Nila Aromatherapy Bar
Transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus, Dengue Fever is a painful mosquito-borne viral disease that is widespread in Singapore and other tropical countries.

Dengue fever symptoms include fever, intense headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes etc. There is currently no vaccine to prevent dengue fever. The best way to protect yourself is by using repellents such as Nila Natural Mosquito Repellant to repel mosquitoes, and that reduce the chances of being bitten by infected mozzies. The use of household pesticides, on the other hand, kill mosquitoes effectively upon direct contact.

parents world best organic natural products mosquito repellent
Pix Credit:
Outdoor parties like BBQs are fun but they are often ruined by mosquito buzzes and bites. Comes in both Adult and Children version, the Award-Winning Nila Essence Natural Mosquito Repellant ( 120 ml ) SGD 32, has recently won the 2016 Best Organic Natural Products organised by Parent World! Loaded with 100% Natural and Pure Essential Oils, this natural mosquito repellent also doubles up as a moisturizer and smells great too!
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Fun Food: 3D Jelly Flowers with Lychees ( 水晶荔枝果冻花 )

konnyaku jelly flower art birthday cake
If you have the time and patience, I think Jelly Art is a good hobby to pick up. These 3D Jellies are so pretty to look at especially if you are bored with plain jellies. Well, it was my mom's 87th birthday, so I decided to make my 2nd attempt at these 3D Jelly Arts again.

fun food 3d jelly flowers with lychees
Instead of having plain Konnyaku Jelly, I added Lychees in the coconut agar agar base. I wanted to make a rose this time, but it turned out to be something else. Lol!

kara coconut cream 3d flower art recipe
I also made another jelly art for mom to bring home. I changed the type of blade this time. I thought this piece resembles more of a rose, don't you think so? Anyway, looks like I gotta to work harder.......
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Instagram Roundup! How Active Are You On Social Media?

follow luxury haven lifestyle blog instagram
Are you #Instagram ready? Do you post Instagram worthy images? Well, as much as bloggers need to be active on social media sites, I have to admit I am not much into Instagram just looking at my pathetic numbers. With so many social media sites, it is really hard to catch up and I don't have as much time to spare.

That being said, I try to post whenever there is a need or when time permits. Well, this post is about my recent Instagram round-up, and let's try to follow each other if you have an Instagram account too. Always wonder how some of them get a 5-figure following............
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Nila Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oils Giveaway Winners

nila aromatherapy signature blends essential oil giveaway winners
Nila Aromatherapy Bar, your Singapore one-stop shopping for pure essential oils and aromatherapy accessories, as well as Nila’s own line of body, skin and hair care products!

Now 4 lucky readers will be off to Nila Aromatherapy Bar located at Shaw Centre to collect their aromatherapy goodies! Are you one of them? If your name is not in this list or somehow missed this scented giveaway, don't worry cause we will be hosting quarterly giveaways, courtesy of Nila Singapore!
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Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 )

succulent tobiko prawn ball soup iceberg lettuce recipes
I like adding Tobiko in my cooking and you just gotta try these handmade prawn balls. I was first hooked on these crunchy prawn balls at a food tasting session at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in RWS.

adorable steamed prawn paste golden carp with tobiko
Since, I had made an attempt to cook these at home and created these Adorable Steamed Prawn Paste Golden Carps with Tobiko some time back. They are so cute, aren't they?

kuriya japanese restaurant tobiko recipe
Tobiko ( とびこ ), or otherwise known as Flying Fish Roes, are commonly found in Sushi and have a nice crunchy texture. You can find them in Japanese supermarkets like Isetan, or places such as the Kuriya Japanese Market.

delicious tobiko prawn balls in heinz chicken broth
This time, I had patiently rolled them into plumpy prawns balls to make this gourmet dish. I can assured you won't be disappointed with this Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 ), which will surprise you with every bite!
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LABO VF Nano Placenta Extract, Beauty and Wellness Must-Have

lifestream labo vf nano placenta extract review
How would you like to have a product that enhances your well-being and wellness, and at the same time maintain your youthfulness? What would you say to a LABO Nano Placenta Cell Rejuvenating Therapy, a potent cellular revitalising solution comprising pure VF Nano Placenta Extract that intensely renews, repairs, reactivates and revitalises the body at the cellular level for unprecedented wellness and vitality?

beauty blogger reviews labo vf nano placenta extract
Discover the miracle healing power of placenta from LABO as they launched the LABO Nutrition Le Ageless Vital Force Cell Essentials and LABO DermaLab Le Revital Intense Cell Activator!
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Yummy Fried Food You Must Not Miss + Diffuser Giveaway!

yummy fried food recipes giveaway
These days people are all into healthy food, but don't you think it is so hard to resist finger-licking fried food? Personally, I am a huge fan of fried food, and I think it doesn't hurt to indulge occasionally, does it?

I guess one of the factors why people are avoiding fried food has gotta to do with the cooking part. After all those deep-frying, your kitchen will smell especially when frying fish not to mention all that smoking.

essential oils ellestfun ultrasonic aroma diffuser giveaway
I am a fan of #aromatherapy and recently, I have placed an Aroma Diffuser in my kitchen and it works wonders. Besides eliminating those deep-frying oil odour and smelling great in the kitchen, adding pure essential oil has many beneficial properties too!

Here's a good news for you! Luxury Haven is giving away a Diffuser from Nila Aromatherapy that's worth $78, and also a range of Essential Oils which help to boost your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! Come check out these yummy recipes and submit your entries to win one of these aromatherapy prizes!
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Prague Travelogue: Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock

czech republic prague charles bridge good luck charm
Eastern Europe Day 9 Continues: Decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, the Charles Bridge is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague. The bridge is built of sandstone blocks, flanked at each end by fortified towers - Lesser Town Bridge Towers and the Old Town Bridge Tower.

prague tourist attractions lesser town bridge towers
Lesser Town Bridge Towers ( Malostranske mostecke veze ) - For tourists arriving from the Old Town, this is the main pedestrian entrance to the Lesser Town. The smaller Judith's Tower is connected to the Lesser Town Bridge Tower by a walkway.

singapore travel blogger visits old town bridge tower
Old Town Bridge Tower ( Staromestska mostecka vez ) - Completed in 1380, this blackened aged gate along with Charles Bridge was built by Emperor Charles IV and forms part of the old fortification system of Prague, built to protect the Old Town against northern invaders. The charming Charles Bridge has many stunning sights and it is certainly instagram worthy!

czech republic prague vltava river charles bridge
eu holidays eastern europe prague sightseeing charles bridge
Come, travel with Luxury Haven to discover the famous historic Charles Bridge and visit Old Town for a glimpse of the medieval Astronomical Clock in Prague!
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Nila Aromatherapy Giveaway! Win Diffuser and Essential Oils!

nila aromatherapy diffuser signature blends giveaway
Hey sunshine, are you into aromatherapy? Even if you are not a fan yet, winning the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Bespoke Essential Oils from Nila Aromatherapy Bar may be a good start to kick off!

nila singapore donut ultrasonic aroma atomizer diffuser sale
nila aromatherapy signature blends essential oil sale
Besides carrying a range of quality Diffusers for your essential oils, Nila Singapore also has a wide range of Signature Blends which consist of two or more pure essential oils blended together, and the synergy of blends are usually much better than singles. 3 Consolation Prize Winners will get to pick their choice of Signature Blends! Of course, the 1st Prize Winner Gets to Bring Home a Diffuser Worth SGD 78!

So are you eligible to participate in the giveaway? Well this time, we do not restrict to Singapore residents only, but anyone or those residing in the neighbouring countries can also take part as long as you can pick up the prizes at Nila Singapore in Scotts Road!

nila aromatherapy bar great singapore sale
The Great Singapore Sale is here! Catch Nila Aromatherapy Bar's Hair Care Deals at 50% off, plus hourly sale with up to 70% off! Shoppers will also get 20% off their Essential Oils and 15% off all Diffusers!
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