Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 )

succulent tobiko prawn ball soup iceberg lettuce recipes
I like adding Tobiko in my cooking and you just gotta try these handmade prawn balls. I was first hooked on these crunchy prawn balls at a food tasting session at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in RWS.

adorable steamed prawn paste golden carp with tobiko
Since, I had made an attempt to cook these at home and created these Adorable Steamed Prawn Paste Golden Carps with Tobiko some time back. They are so cute, aren't they?

kuriya japanese restaurant tobiko recipe
Tobiko ( とびこ ), or otherwise known as Flying Fish Roes, are commonly found in Sushi and have a nice crunchy texture. You can find them in Japanese supermarkets like Isetan, or places such as the Kuriya Japanese Market.

delicious tobiko prawn balls in heinz chicken broth
This time, I had patiently rolled them into plumpy prawns balls to make this gourmet dish. I can assured you won't be disappointed with this Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 ), which will surprise you with every bite!
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LABO VF Nano Placenta Extract, Beauty and Wellness Must-Have

lifestream labo vf nano placenta extract review
How would you like to have a product that enhances your well-being and wellness, and at the same time maintain your youthfulness? What would you say to a LABO Nano Placenta Cell Rejuvenating Therapy, a potent cellular revitalising solution comprising pure VF Nano Placenta Extract that intensely renews, repairs, reactivates and revitalises the body at the cellular level for unprecedented wellness and vitality?

beauty blogger reviews labo vf nano placenta extract
Discover the miracle healing power of placenta from LABO as they launched the LABO Nutrition Le Ageless Vital Force Cell Essentials and LABO DermaLab Le Revital Intense Cell Activator!
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Yummy Fried Food You Must Not Miss + Diffuser Giveaway!

yummy fried food recipes giveaway
These days people are all into healthy food, but don't you think it is so hard to resist finger-licking fried food? Personally, I am a huge fan of fried food, and I think it doesn't hurt to indulge occasionally, does it?

I guess one of the factors why people are avoiding fried food has gotta to do with the cooking part. After all those deep-frying, your kitchen will smell especially when frying fish not to mention all that smoking.

essential oils ellestfun ultrasonic aroma diffuser giveaway
I am a fan of #aromatherapy and recently, I have placed an Aroma Diffuser in my kitchen and it works wonders. Besides eliminating those deep-frying oil odour and smelling great in the kitchen, adding pure essential oil has many beneficial properties too!

Here's a good news for you! Luxury Haven is giving away a Diffuser from Nila Aromatherapy that's worth $78, and also a range of Essential Oils which help to boost your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! Come check out these yummy recipes and submit your entries to win one of these aromatherapy prizes!
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Prague Travelogue: Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock

czech republic prague charles bridge good luck charm
Eastern Europe Day 9 Continues: Decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, the Charles Bridge is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague. The bridge is built of sandstone blocks, flanked at each end by fortified towers - Lesser Town Bridge Towers and the Old Town Bridge Tower.

prague tourist attractions lesser town bridge towers
Lesser Town Bridge Towers ( Malostranske mostecke veze ) - For tourists arriving from the Old Town, this is the main pedestrian entrance to the Lesser Town. The smaller Judith's Tower is connected to the Lesser Town Bridge Tower by a walkway.

singapore travel blogger visits old town bridge tower
Old Town Bridge Tower ( Staromestska mostecka vez ) - Completed in 1380, this blackened aged gate along with Charles Bridge was built by Emperor Charles IV and forms part of the old fortification system of Prague, built to protect the Old Town against northern invaders. The charming Charles Bridge has many stunning sights and it is certainly instagram worthy!

czech republic prague vltava river charles bridge
eu holidays eastern europe prague sightseeing charles bridge
Come, travel with Luxury Haven to discover the famous historic Charles Bridge and visit Old Town for a glimpse of the medieval Astronomical Clock in Prague!
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Nila Aromatherapy Giveaway! Win Diffuser and Essential Oils!

nila aromatherapy diffuser signature blends giveaway
Hey sunshine, are you into aromatherapy? Even if you are not a fan yet, winning the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Bespoke Essential Oils from Nila Aromatherapy Bar may be a good start to kick off!

nila singapore donut ultrasonic aroma atomizer diffuser sale
nila aromatherapy signature blends essential oil sale
Besides carrying a range of quality Diffusers for your essential oils, Nila Singapore also has a wide range of Signature Blends which consist of two or more pure essential oils blended together, and the synergy of blends are usually much better than singles. 3 Consolation Prize Winners will get to pick their choice of Signature Blends! Of course, the 1st Prize Winner Gets to Bring Home a Diffuser Worth SGD 78!

So are you eligible to participate in the giveaway? Well this time, we do not restrict to Singapore residents only, but anyone or those residing in the neighbouring countries can also take part as long as you can pick up the prizes at Nila Singapore in Scotts Road!

nila aromatherapy bar great singapore sale
The Great Singapore Sale is here! Catch Nila Aromatherapy Bar's Hair Care Deals at 50% off, plus hourly sale with up to 70% off! Shoppers will also get 20% off their Essential Oils and 15% off all Diffusers!
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Ah Boys To Men: Singapore Basic Military Training POP

ah boys to men singapore armed forces parade
Have you watched Ah Boys to Men ( 新兵正传 )? Do you know that it is the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time, a comedy about a group of army recruits in National Service in Singapore? I love the army-themed film which gave me an insight of what is going to be like when my prince goes to the army.

Why was I anxious? Like all mothers, I was very concerned cause my only son was enlisting in the national service for 2 years! For the non-Singaporean readers, it is mandatory for all fit and able-bodied Singaporean men to serve a 2-year period as Full Time National Servicemen ( NSFs ), either in the Singapore Armed Forces ( SAF ), Singapore Police Force ( SPF ), or the Singapore Civil Defence Force ( SCDF ), and thereafter a reservist obligation up to age 40 or 50 depending on their ranks.

pulau bmt tekong camp ns enlistment
Jonathan was enlisted end of last year and went through a nine-week Basic Military Training ( BMT ) program held on the offshore island of Pulau Tekong. Those who are following me on facebook would probably have seen some of these photos documenting my prince's enlistment to the Singapore Armed Forces and my family attending his BMT Passing Out Parade and the Specialist Cadet Graduation recently.
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Top 10 Pasta and Risotto Recipes With Step-By-Step Photos!

tasty top 10 pasta risotto recipes
Fans of Italian food, here are 10 drooling pasta and risotto recipes to keep you salivated. From Singaporean style to Japanese and Italian, there's something for everyone! With step-by-step photo instructions, there is no reason you can't cook. So enjoy and have fun experimenting!
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Claypot Chicken Wings with Baby Abalones ( 鲍鱼鸡翅煲仔 )

ah yat fresh abalone claypot chicken recipes
I have always enjoyed cooking food in claypots, where ingredients are slowly coaxed to perfection, releasing the aroma of the food making it a flavorful dish.

la gourmet truly oriental claypot recipe
I bought a bigger claypot recently, the La Gourmet Truly Oriental Claypot. I used it to prepare this mouth-watering Claypot Chicken Wings with Baby Abalones ( 鲍鱼鸡翅煲仔 ), using fresh canned abalones from Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant.

one pot meal braised chicken with abalone mushrooms
lee kum kee oyster sauce chicken with abalone
The claypot seals all the nutrients inside the pot by locking the steam, retaining the natural flavours of the food. This delicious recipe can also be a one-pot dish, and it's great pairing with a bowl of fragrant Jasmine rice especially with the scrumptious Braised Peanuts and Flower Mushrooms ( 花菇 ) that I had also added. I like to use Japanese Flower Mushrooms for my cooking as I like the thicker texture, but they are more costly.

tender juicy braised chicken wings recipe
Look at how tender and juicy the chicken is! Of course, the baby abalones tasted great too! Did I get your attention, foodies? Let's get cooking, shall we?
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Skincare Giveaway: EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Winners!

eha gentle exfoliating gel giveaway winners
Woohoo! 10 readers of Luxury Haven will be off to EHA Skincare at Shaw Centre in Scotts Road to collect their prizes! Are you one of the winners of the EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Worth SGD 68?

great singapore sale shopping eha gentle exfoliating gel
Unlike traditional scrubs, the EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel is so gentle it can be used even on sensitive skin, but still packs a punch, removing old keratin and keeping skin fresh and clean.
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Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers: 15% Off At Nila Aromatherapy Bar

nila aromatherapy essential oil ultrasonic humidifier sale
Do you know that choosing a good diffuser with ultrasonic feature is important to help diffuse the essential oil into the air, helping the oil molecules remain air-bound for hours to allow for healthy body absorption?

These diffusers let you reap the benefits of essential oil anywhere in your home or office. I like mine with mist which is expelled into the air adding moisture to my room, and I am enjoying the true aroma of the essential oil with the Ellestfun Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Nila Aromatherapy Bar.

nila aromatherapy glass dome ultrasonic aroma diffuser sale
nila singapore donut ultrasonic aroma atomizer diffuser sale
Nila carries quite a variety of diffusers like the Glass Dome Aroma Diffuser, and the Donut Aroma Diffuser etc. All readers of Luxury Haven gets 15% off their products at Nila Singapore!
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Creative 3D Jelly Art, Beautiful Edible Flowers To Impress

creative 3d jelly art beautiful edible flowers
These impressive 3D Jelly Arts seem to be trending recently especially in Thailand, with countless stunning flower images popping up on Google.

beautiful edible lotus flower 3d konyaku jelly art
I have always been fascinated with Thai fruit carvings, so naturally these gelatine arts intrigued me and they captured my heart instantly. Using a mix of Konnyaku Jelly Powder and Agar Agar, and together with food colourings, these beautiful edible flowers surfaced gradually after some meddling. But lots of patience is needed as I took about 3 hours to make these two 3D Jelly Art pieces being a newbie!
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Keratin Treatment Review + Clover Hair Boutique's 38% Promo!

clover hair boutique keratin therapy blogger review
If you haven't heard of #Keratherapy, here's introducing the revolutionary keratin smoothing system - the Diora Professional Advanced Renewal System with Kerabond Technology!

singapore popular hair salons in orchard rebonding deals
Unlike traditional hair straightening or rebonding, Keratherapy Advanced Renewal System is a hair smoothing system that is 100% free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. It also keeps frizz in check and loosens even the tightest curls with added shine while leaving the hair straighter and smoother.

To celebrate Clover Hair Boutique's Anniversary, there is no better time to catch their 38% off all hair services now!
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Win EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Worth SGD 68 x 10 Bottles!

gss eha gentle exfoliating gel giveaway
How often do you exfoliate your skin, or do you even do that? What are the benefits of exfoliating your skin? Simply tell us your answers and you may be one of the lucky readers to walk away with the fabulous EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel Worth SGD 68! Well, we have 10 x 50ml bottles to give away so what are you waiting for?

eha gentle exfoliating gel review
You are going to love this gentle Exfoliating Gel that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin unlike traditional scrubs. It reduces pigmentation and skin discolouration while maximising your skin’s ability to absorb the beneficial nutrients of your skin care and prepare skin for treatment by stripping away old keratin, gently and effectively.
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